Outlook Express Servers ghosted out.

I have just added a toll-free ISP dial-up to my Dial Up Networking who configured my Windows 98 Outlook Express version 5.5 to send and receive email.  

Somehow the auto configuration has left the SERVERS tab in ACCOUNTS properties "ghosted out" both SMTP and POP3
Though Norton Anti Virus can modify the settings it has put there -I can't change them.  Other Accounts in use on the same Outlook Express have not got this ghosting.

Does anyone know how the ghosted settings happened and whether it is possible to get at the settings for that one and change the server settings - the ISP in question works sometimes better by having .com instead of .net at the end of the SMTP and POP3 gateway settings.
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CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well I think they disabled that tab because they probably don't want the users of their service to make any changes to their settings. I am not sure how they have accomplished disabling this but I bet that they have set it up that their config program is running in the background or is attached to OE somehow and does its thing when it notices the user going into the properties of their account. In other words and like you said that they are working on the idea that since its free you either live with this or not use their service.

I am like you I despise anything taking over any portion of my system and/or programs without giving me the options to change things around if I so desire. In fact I refuse to use software or hardware that locks me out of the options I have grown accustomed to having.

Go to Start > Run and type in


and then look under a tab labeled something like "Startup" and see if this config program you mention is listed there. If it is remove the check mark by it and then close msconfig. Now do ctrl+alt+del and see if the config program is in the list that comes up. If it is then click on it and then click the "End Task" button.

Other than that I think if you want to change which server this account connects to unfortunately you will probably need to do it through the registry. I will try to walk you through the steps on how to do this but only if when you decide this is what you want to do.
Look in the registrty here

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager\Accounts\0000000a

Note 0000000a may or may not be listed in your registry but look for something similar and on the right hand pane you can edit the server.

The Crazy One
I suspect you or the ISP used some sort of program that Disabled the tab in question. Contact the ISP and see if they can or will explain why this was done. Quite frankly I am not sure how they did it unless they some how replaced Outlook Express with their version of it.
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LauriePriorAuthor Commented:
Well thanks for this CrazyOne but there's no way I can
fathom what I dare change in the registry. I found what appears to be the default mail program and probably could change it there in the registry but I would prefer not to change settings there as they have a habit of messing things up at my level of experience.  Is there no way I can find out how or why it greyed out the tab in Outlook.  They didn't fit me up with a new Outlook, just a small configuration program to set up their new free dial up ISP along with my others that are not free.  
But there's no way I can contact their help line. It costs one UK Pound per minute to talk to them and they wouldn't advocated monkeying about with their settings.  It being a free server they are a bit take it or leave it.
I want to have the line available to change in the settings tab so that I can revert to the  old setting if I get it wrong and it refuses to connect to my mail inbox or send any smtp mail.  
I just don't like things taking over my settings when I have set all the other ones up manually and have control over them.  This one is a bit of a mystery.
I'd be glad of any other solutions.
LauriePriorAuthor Commented:
Thanks I'll go do your suggestions immediately and could possibly close the question to your advantage tomorrow morning.
But for now it may be of interest to let you know that I have discovered in the dialup routine the Dialling from New location is also greyed out on that particular dial up
and also in the number it dials the 08089933006 is all in the right hand side of the number window and the Dial Code smaller box on the left is also greyed out.

It might be an idea to try setting up a separate DUN instance to the same number putting the 0808 in the left box and seeing if it can dial up and connect to the toll free number - then see if the Outlook Express settings are still greyed. I suspect they will be but it might be worth trying a new account setup manually and a new dial up and see if my own manual one will work.  Then I could remove their default set up one.

Will report back in the morning.  Thanks for your help.
LauriePriorAuthor Commented:
Got there very quickly without waiting until tomorrow!
My separately configured dial up worked.
I put the email gateways manually in (albeit without Norton protection just temporarily while I tested it with a mail to myself). It worked a treat. Connected and sent and received test mail to myself.
In fact it seemed to fetch and send mail faster than before - didn't hang about so ponderously as it has been. That could have been my imagination.

I went through MS CONFIG and Startup list as you suggested.  Nothing there looks like a background
weird setup from MSoft Outlook or Freeserve.  The only one I didn't recognize as belongning to other things I know about, like Power management and Zone Alarm was
one line called Load QM   and that was loadQM.exe - I have no idea what that is.

I think I can say you've solved the problem and I could probably quite safely now remove the isp's weird setup by REMOVE account in OE leaving my newly done setup as the
default one.  But I'll carry on with it like it is for the moment - give it a few more days to settle down.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. You gave me the confidence to go look around a
bit deeper than normal.  Now I'll award you the points.
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