Printing BARCODE Code39 on ZEBRA Printer HOW TO?

hi experts,

Can anybody please help me on this, I have a ZEBRA Barcode/Label Printer, bu I don't know how to print using VB 6. Please help.

thanks in advance.

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kfrickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All barcode printers have some control codes required to print the proper bar codes. I don't use Zebra printers (I use Datamax), but just lookup the proper codes in your printer's documentation. Be sure you understand the required syntax to implement the control codes....often you will need a specific "Start" charachter to alert the printer that coontrol codes are coming in. not printable data.

I will assume that your printer is conected to a serial port. That is by far easier than the parallel port.

First, open your port:

Sub OpenPort()
  With comMyPort
    .CommPort = 1
    .Setting = "9600,8,n,1"
    .PortOpen = True
  End With
End Sub

Now send data:

Sub SendLabel()
  'set up printer heat and speed
  SendPrinter Chr$(2) & "LH07PKSK" & Chr$(13)
  'send the barcode definition parameters and data
  SendPrinter "1a31100000000050" & CStr(SomeVariable)
  'tell the printer to print the label
  SendPrinter "E" & Chr$(13)
End Sub

Sub SendPrinter(szData as String)
  With comMyPort
    .Output= szData
    While .OutBufferCount > 0
End Sub
Don't forget to your port:

Sub ClosePort()
  comMyPort.PortOpen = False
End Sub

You're gonna have to understand the data your printer requires, the above example is for Datamax, but should give you an idea of the principles involved.

hope this helps!
posboyAuthor Commented:
Please give me a sample code...
posboyAuthor Commented:
Please give me a sample code...
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Ryan ChongCommented:
Connect your Barcode to your Comm Port then Using MSComm Control to Print the Barcode from your Barcode Machine.
Alternately, you can directly print to the com or parallel port as follows:

Dim iFileNumber as integer

' Pick one of these and use it in the open statement
Const cCommPort as String = "COM1:"
Const cParallelPort as String = "LPT1:"

iFileNumber = freefile()
open cCommPort for output as #iFileNumber
print #iFileNumber, "Barcodestring here";
close #iFileNumber
posboyAuthor Commented:
any other comments?
What else do you want?  You either print directly to the port (Open "...") or through an object that supports the port (MSComm).

Did you try either one?  Were they useful?  Did you have problems?
posboyAuthor Commented:
hi karl, i will try your suggestion, i will get back to you when im done. thanks
posboyAuthor Commented:
unfortunately i was not able to make it work. How about ZPL II? do you have any idea how to integrate those script with VB? can I use the simple Print method to send those script to the printer?
The data commands in the example I gave is for prodigy printers...the data commands you use will probably be found in the printer's programming manual. Possibly this ZPL II is a ZebraPrinterLanguage, and you have to use those commands instead of mine!

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