I recompiler and my Stronghold server cannot restart

Posted on 2002-03-06
Last Modified: 2013-12-20
I have ColdFusion 5.0 and Stronghold 3.0 in Linux OS( Red Hat Linux 7.2).

I add "SSL_CLIENT_CERT" at mod_coldfusion.c as additional Variable and recompile it.. Well no error and I got and replace it

at /apps/sh30/modules/libexec/

after stop both server coldfusion and stronghold.. when to start the sh
got error below :

[root@www3 bin]# ./start-server
Syntax error on line 241 of /apps/sh30/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /apps/sh30/modules/libexec/ into server:
/modules/libexec/ undefined symbol: __builtin_vec_new
Server could not be started

Can someone consult Me what version of C++ compiler shall I use to compile Any website for reference.

Please consult me how to do it..
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Here's some articles i found, maybe it can help. I'm still trying to find any references for you...

let me know,

How can I recompile Stronghold to include Cold Fusion?

Steps for installing ColdFusion version 4.5.1 (for Linux) with Stronghold 3.0.

You will need to use the apxs utility provided in the Stronghold distribution to build an EAPI enabled

Make sure you have perl installed
Make sure a C compiler or gcc compiler is in your PATH.

Change to the apache/src directory in the ColdFusion installation:

cd /opt/coldfusion/webserver/apache/src
Backup the original Makefile:

cp Makefile Makefile.orig
Edit the Makefile by changing the to the one that you are using, for example from:

#LIB= ./libcf.a /usr/lib/
LIB= ./libcf.a /lib/
(if the* library you are using is and change :
and also add the full path to the APXS as following:

Run make (which will execute the apxs command) to build
Run "make install" (which will also execute the apxs command to add the module to the Apache configuration):
make install
This "make install" will copy the newly created to your /path/to/../sh3/modules/libexec directory and modify your httpd.conf file to add the following line into it:
LoadModule coldfusion_module  modules/libexec/
Stop and start Stronghold again.
Stronghold should load when Stronghold starts up again.

Can my compiler cause recompilation problems?

Many recompilation problems are caused by the use of the wrong compiler. In particular, we know the native compilers for Red Hat Linux 6.2 and HPUX don't work with Stronghold. The compiler we support is GCC, version, which can be obtained from

Using GCC has been confirmed to resolve problems with recompiles dying in "ap_execve.o."

Some people have also been able to recompile Stronghold successfully with GCC 2.8.1, so you might try that if doesn't work on your OS.

If you have tried these compilers but are still having problems, please email a copy of the errors you receive to support.

For ColdFusion Server version 5:
If you are not running an EAPI version of Apache, at the end of the LoadModule section, add the following on one line (due to formatting in this Technote, it appears as two lines):

LoadModule coldfusion_module /opt/coldfusion/webserver/apache/

If you are running an EAPI version of Apache, at the end of the LoadModule section, add the following on one line (due to formatting in this Technote, it appears as two lines):

LoadModule coldfusion_module /opt/coldfusion/webserver/apache/

In the section AddModule, add the following on one line:

AddModule mod_coldfusion.c


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