Rational Rose and UML class diagram question


I am trying to add classes to my UML diagrams in Rational Rose. On this project we have about 10K classes. I am trying to add existing classes to a diagram and want to show their relationships to each other.

I know that I can drag a class into the diagram and it will auto-populate all relationships. My problem with this is that with 10K classes it it unweildly to search for the original "definition" of a class.

I also know that I can do a "query->expand selected elements" to have rose pull in all existing relationships for a class. My problem with this is that it pulls in ALL of the relationships a class might have.

Basically - my diagram has classes A & B - is there any way that I can select these classes and have rose fill in the relationships between just those classes and not any others (like classes C, D, E & F which are not in my diagram)?

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JgouldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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JGould-EE Moderator
cant you do a shift select in the right hand pane and drag the classes you want in to  the diagram
oops i mean left hand pane
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Select all required classes. From 'File' menu select 'Export Model' and save classes as PETAL (ptl) file.

The model where you need to insert these classes, from 'File' menu select 'Import'...
yoreAuthor Commented:
To madface:
I am already aware of the ability to drag from the left hand pane.

 The problem is searching for the classes to drag. I can't find a way to search for classes in a way that lets me drag the class over to the right and auto-populate.

Also, it would be nice to just select a class in my diagram and have it fill in all of the pre-existing relationships that aren't on the diagram yet.

Anyway, if you know of a convenient way to search that would be good. Does what I'm asking make sense?

To: prashant:
I am not sure what the export/import that you describe is supposed to do- but I already have the classes loaded. When I try to import existing classes I get an error about a unique ID already existing for that class.

how did u arrived your class diagrms ? that is important here.

see as a rational model u first have to get sequence diagram then u should extract class diagram from it!

I feel u r doing reverse engineering ...

so i suggest u instead of going directly as class diagrams for 10000 classes try to have a architecture centric model.
branch out differnt classes from it ...

it is very easy to understand the relationship.

I worked on rational rose very long back but now in my system i dont have it one .otherwise i can solve ur problem very easily .


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