Cybercafe - Internet & Networking Problem

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am running a Cybercafe business. I had face some problems regarding Internet & Networking.

1. The connection to Internet frequently broken.
    I am using 1 D-Link Router & 2 D-Link Modem (56K)
    & 1 D-Link Switch (24 ports)
2. When playing Internet gaming, the speed is slow  
   sometime. I suspect is the line problem / my system.
   I am using AMD Athlon 900MHZ & AMD 1.3GHZ,
   20GB HDD 7200rpm,  D-Link network card.
   I use 2 modem (56K) withe 2 phone line because
   my area have no ISDN or higher speed line.

These is my major problem is facing now, my customer complaint and complaint and my business getting worst and worst..........

Please HELP me. Thank You.
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CyberStretchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's the problem as I see it:

1) The Cybercafe does not have access to any Internet connectivity above 56k analog lines due to a lack of availability.

2) The current setup is a D-Link router that, presumably, has two 56k modem connections which is split amongst a number of computers (the exact number would help); the maximum of which is 24 due to the switch.

Therefore, under the current setup with maximum PC usage you have:

(56k*2)/24 = 4.67k available bandwidth per computer.

Therefore, under maximum usage, you will never have enough bandwidth to fulfill maximum demand. (And this is not even considering other factors such as line noise, quality, and sub-56k connection speeds.) In addition, if your area is like the US, data transmission over telephone wires is capped at 53k, which further impairs your bandwidth.

The only way to increase the reliability of the network and provide enough bandwidth for your needs, you will need to get either: a modem per system or a modem bank of at least 24, if not more, 56k connections and either dedicate on connection per system or multilink them together.

I would imagine that cost is a major factor, given the previous choice of connectivity, and I fear that the solution would not prove cost-effective enough to implement. In effect, you would need to setup a mini-ISP in order to accomplish the desired results.

The only other beneficial solution I can think of, is to setup a Caching Proxy server that will store frequently accessed web sites closer to your customers, which will give them the perception that the bandwidth is greater than the actual bandwidth.

Another viable, but presumabley less desirable, solution would be to use the current LAN connectivity and install games, etc, that can run only over the LAN.
You need a faster connection.

You can not expect people to share 2 56 K lines.
You need at least one 56k line per person.

If you do not have faster connectivity, I doubt if you will ever have satisfied customers.

I hope this helps !

Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
Is DSL available in your area? This would provide an "always on", faster connection to the internet.

Actually, there are lots of options tied directly to expense.

Good luck.
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you must be able to get an leaseline if you get a normal line, but they are expensive. 56k modems for a cybercafe is ridiculous. if you absolutely cannot get a faster connection, then think about getting more 56k modems and using a 'fatpipe' device/software which will add the bandwidths together.
does your isp support multilink, if so you can multilink the two lines to get a psuedo isdn connection (proviced the phone lines are clean)
but I agree with the others an internet cafe should have at minimum a dsl, better yet lease line or t1
garyhksAuthor Commented:
I stay at Malaysia. Not many area are available for ISDN/DSL/T1.
Unfortunately my area have no such services.
But I believe that is not the line problem, because sometime is OK.
Sometime after I service/format all the PCs, then the problem appear.- I use Gost SW.
Thank You.
But I believe that is not the line problem, because sometime is OK
Actually that is all the more reason to suspect the line. weather conditions vary (wind, rain, dust), and these can affect the line (noise) so the connection has to slow down to be able to understand
Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
Have you looked at the modem statistics to see if there are errors being reported. If you don't know how to do this, tell me what operating system you have and we'll figure it out from there.

You said you use two modems and two phone lines for internet gaming. So you do have software that "bonds" two analog phone lines together to get the combined bandwidth of both? Are you sure this software isn't the problem? Is that the "Gost SW" that you mentioned?

Are the d-link modems internal or external? Does the link "down speed"? that is, does the connection drop in speed from 50kb to 38b to 33kb?

Good luck.
Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
I just realized that Ghost is the game you are playing. OK how are you using 2 modems at the same time? What software does that?

Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
Also, take a look at these or find your own on and search for "56k modem troubleshooting" or some such.

Good luck
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