Slow response on serial terminals

I have a redhat 7.1 box.
i am using secong machine to connect the server using mgetty (on server) and hyperterminal (on client) using null modem cable.

i am connecing at 19200 bps. but the terminal is slow in respnding to the keystrokes. echo comes quite late. though screen updates are equally faster.

what i need to change to make response faster
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DABOMBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
why are you using mgetty for your terminal, mgetty is most compatible with modems, you should use agetty for null terminals:

ex: this is my null terminal line in inittab under serial lines section..

s1:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 19200 ttyS0 vt100

and it works just fine, i am using terminal adapters that came with my routers and switches that convert serial to cat 5 and then back from across the house.

give it a try :)
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kiranghagAuthor Commented:
ya a'll give, but please be patient for the points as my terminal is now broken and I am abt to fix it.
catch back to u later.
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