ide hdd performance

I am having a seagate 20gb ide hdd and  a 440lx motherboard.(intelPII4 controller)

my bios shows UDMA in the startup box.
an utility shows that udma4 is enabled

not what can i do to maximize the attainable transfer rate of the system.
will a 80conduct cable help....

how can i make sure that i am running the disk subsystem at its maximum?

LVL 10
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magarityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"dear magaritty the box always says DMA"

Whups, I wasn't paying attention.

"what i would need to use UDMA66 or 100..."

This for 66:

This for 100:

This for 133:

The 100 is probably the best value.  The 133 is still expensive to take advantage of the people who always want the latest thing no matter what the price.  The 66 is out of date since any new drive will be 100 or 133.
kiranghagAuthor Commented:
I would think an 80 conductor cable would be necessary to run at UDMA4 speeds.
You can also do regular system maintenance such as scandisk, defrag, remove temp files, delete unused programs.
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kiranghagAuthor Commented:
can somebody tell me exactly at which ide  specs require 80con cable.
i have said my bios shows udma4, shudnt that mean udma 4 is being used?
i have 440lx board. can I use udma66? or is it being used by default.

PS. scandisk and defrag should not be answer for this que.
Intel 440LX chipset will do UDMA33.  No need for an 80 pin cable because that is for 66 and above only.  All you'll need is the proper drivers for the IDE controller installed.  The manufacturer's website should have that available or it may have come on a CDROM or floppy when you bought the motherboard.

In the Windows device manager's listing for the hard drive controller see if the 'use UDMA' box is checked.  If so, you're all set.
Contrair: many drive manufacturers recommend 66/100 cables for ALL drives, even 33s. There is a small fractional increase in performance/stability but I beleive this is negligible and not technically necessary, but if you have an extra $20...go for it...correct chipset drivers as stated above are most important...T
kiranghagAuthor Commented:
thnx ppl,
i think i am already using UDMA33. i have the right drivers installed too.

before i close this down i would like to know what i would need to use UDMA66 or 100...
would i require a bios update or a different ide controller altogether?
kiranghagAuthor Commented:
dear magaritty
the box always says DMA , no matter you have UDMA66 or 100 or higher.....
Whups again, it's been a couple of months since I priced controllers.  The 133 is available starting at 30$US mailorder.  Inquire at your favorite vendor.
kiranghagAuthor Commented:
i am about to visit the links .....

Us prices are of no use for me as i stay in India.
we have to pay $100 for a webcam it with that at ur place....
kiranghagAuthor Commented:
thanks ppl.
I am not going to buy any addon card  (my pocketmoney is over :( )
I wanted to get maximum out of what I already have....

So I get a 'B' because you don't have any money?
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