Task Scheduler Not Running

Windows 2000 Advanced Server Domain Controllers (2) with Service Pack 2 installed.

mstask.exe version 4.71.2195.1 (which is supposed to be the one with the bugged ironed out according to Knowlege base)

Tasks not running as scheduled.  Have tried various tasks, simple batch files, NT backup etc. and even just for testing tried launching calc.exe or notepad.  

Have tried restarting service etc., reinstalled Service Pack 2, no joy.

The programs / batch file run okay if I right click and click run so its not a program or script problem.

Also if I configure the exact same setting for a task on a Windows 2000 desktop PC, it runs no problem, so it's wouldn't appear to be a problem with the configuration of the actual task either.

Anyone any ideas ?

Thanks, LMG
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littlemissgAuthor Commented:
BTW the tasks are configured to run under Domain Administrator a/c
Do you have the schedular service running?
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Are any permissions set disallowing task scheduler not to run?

you might try

Start > Run and type in

sfc /scannow

The Crazy One
littlemissgAuthor Commented:
mikecr: yes the service is running and I have tried restarting it

Crazy One: can't think of any permissions settings that would be disallowing Task Scheudler to run.  The service itself is set to run under the system account and the individual tasks under the domain admin account.  There aren't any particular local security polices applied to the servers that should be restricting this service.  They are basically a stardard setup and configuration.

I ran sfc /scannow on each DC, didn't find any problems
If you go to Task Schedular and click on the Advanced menu and look at AT Service Account, what is listed, use system or some other account? Also, if you click view log, can you copy and paste it hear right after you run a job that fails so we can see what is being registered?
littlemissgAuthor Commented:
Hi Mike,
Not sure what you mean,
There isn't any advanced Tab in the Task Scheduler properties.
In properties of the task, under the Schedule tab there is an Advanced button but this only leads to advanced schdule settings for repeating task every xMinutes.
In the Properties of the Task Schedular service itself, again there is no advanced tab.
Also there is no 'View Log' option in either place.

As I've mentioned already, the Task Scheduler service is set to run under the SYSTEM account and the tasks themselves are set to run under the Domain Administrator Account.

sounds like a good track your on if I could get to see a log of whats going on when it fails, but I haven't found anywhere to view this.

If you go into where you jobs are scheduled and you see the Task Wizard, if you click on the Advanced menu option you should see view log on the list. Don't go into the tasks themselves.
littlemissgAuthor Commented:
aha! silly me !  Yes the AT command is running under the system account

..and the plot thickens because, this log files states that the tasks ARE running, although the ntbackup tasks are finishing with a status code of (0) which I assume is unsuccessful as the other small batch files are finishing with exits codes of (400000) & (2) etc.

I will investigate the ntbackup configuration further.  

This is great help now being able to view the logs, I don't know how I missed that menu (couln't see the forest for the trees!)

I'll play around with it a bit more and see what the results are in the morning and let you know,
Here you can find the output of the codes and what they mean.

For NT Backup, I would look at the MS site for known problems in scheduling and the following info :

http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q239/8/92.ASP  How to Schedule Unattended Backups Using a Stand-Alone Tape Library
  Windows 2000 maintains a list of files and folders that are excluded when you backup and restore
  files using the Ntbackup.exe tool and other Windows 2000 compatible backup programs.

  Windows 2000 stores this information in the following registry keys:



  The default values and value data for the
  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\BackupRestore\FilesNotToBackup registry
  key is listed in the following table.

                   Value                    Value Data
              Client Side
              Cache    %SystemRoot%\csc\* /s
              ComPlus     %SystemRoot%\Registration\*.crmlog /s
              Internet           Explorer   %UserProfile%\index.dat /s
              Memory           Page File    \Pagefile.sys
              MS      Distributed       Transaction
              NtFrs   %systemroot%\ntfrs\jet\* /s %SystemRoot%\debug\NtFrs*
                                      /s %systemroot%\sysvol\domain\NtFrs_PreExisting___See_EventLog\* /s
              Power           Management  \hiberfil.sys
              Temporary           Files   %TEMP%\* /s

  The default values and value data for the
  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\BackupRestore\KeysNotToRestore registry
  key are listed in the following table.

                        Value                 Value Data
              Active Directory           Restore
                                               CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Restore In Progress\
                                               CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parameters\New Database GUID     Fault Tolerance
              Installed Services           CurrentControlSet\Services\*
              LDM Boot          Information
                                               CurrentControlSet\Services\dmio\boot info\
              Mount Manager                           MountedDevices\
              Pending Rename             Operations
              Plug and Play             CurrentControlSet\Enum\
              Session Manager            CurrentControlSet\Control\Session
              Windows Setup              Setup\SystemPartition

littlemissgAuthor Commented:
Thanks for links etc.  which I've been scanning through...
Looks like there are a lot of documented problems with schdeduled ntbackup jobs!  
The Registry settings given by SysExpert are the same on my DCs.
I have got it working locally now, as a test schedule job just backing up system state to a local drive.
It appear to have a problem backing up to a mapped drive when scheduled (I can do it fine if I choose backup now and specify the mapped drive)  
So at least I am zoning in on the problem now...
I won't be online again for a few days, but will post the outcome/update on my return.
Make sure that the mapped drive exists and is persistant, and not per user.

It may not exist for the scheduled service otherwise.

I hope this helps !
littlemissgAuthor Commented:
Forgot I hadn't closed this q. just logged on to site again today.

Scheduler still won't run on 2k server emulating PDC but is running on another DC.  exact same set on both!
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How do I delete/close this Q as has not been resolved
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