Want to Automatically Connect to Internet through Proxy

Hi Experts,

i had a problem before , i asked this problem to experts under "Want to automatically download a file from the net" at a specitic site "not direct site" and Ark answered this question by a "MAGIC" Code, the problem now is that i tesed this sotware in my home "using normal internet connection "through Dial up networking and TCP/IP " i made code to connect and test connection and download file based on this internet acces protocol. but the problem now is that this software will work on a Proxy server "leezed line", so does my code work or not, and if not , how to write code to perform the following on proxy server,
1- How to Test connection to the net
2- How to automatically connect to the net through proxy
NB. in this proxy, it is on Windows NT, to enter the net, i click the inernet explorer, a message box require authentication ID (username and password). so what is the code to automatically connect to the net through a proxy server and go to a specific site eg www.yahoo.com

the code that Ark made for me to automatically connect to the net  and download this data files is this :--


From: Ark  Points: 70  
I thought that my previous code works for you :(
As I mentioned earlier, progreess bar almost impossible (BTW, why do you need progress bar if you want
to start it from sheduler?) - this process doesn't control by application. First page send request to
server's executable and the server process this request, so we donno progress (and it's about 90% of

PS. For other Experts - here is my previous code:
(DAOXXX and Microsoft Internet Controls referenses required)

Dim sCaption As String

Public Function SaveRSCatalog(ByVal sFileName As String, Optional sFieldSeparator As String = ",") As
'  On Error Resume Next
 Set ie = New InternetExplorer
'  Dim wnd As New SHDocVw.ShellWindows
'  Set ie = wnd(2): GoTo cont
 ie.Navigate "http://www.usp.org/cgi-bin/refstd/SoftCart.exe/refstd/frameset.htm?E+refstd"
'===Remove following string to make process invisible===
 ie.Visible = True
'=====Just for viewing progress======
 sCaption = "Connecting to main page...."
 Caption = sCaption
 While ie.ReadyState < 4
 sCaption = "Downloading catalog......"
 Caption = sCaption
 Me.Print "Be patient, downloading of 70K can take few minutes"
 While ie.Busy
 While ie.ReadyState < 4
 sCaption = "Saving to " & sFileName & "..."
 Caption = sCaption
 Dim i As Integer, nCells As Long
 Dim nRow As Integer, nCol As Integer
'===Create New *mdb file=======
 If Dir(sFileName) <> "" Then Kill sFileName
 Dim dbsNew As Database
 Dim tbDef As TableDef
 Dim rs As Recordset
 Set dbsNew = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).CreateDatabase(sFileName, dbLangGeneral)
 Set tbDef = dbsNew.CreateTableDef("Catalog")
 With tbDef
     .Fields.Append .CreateField("Cat_No", dbText)
     .Fields.Append .CreateField("Cost", dbText)
     .Fields.Append .CreateField("Prev_Lot", dbText)
     .Fields.Append .CreateField("Current_Lot", dbText)
     .Fields.Append .CreateField("Description", dbMemo)
 End With
 For Each fld In tbDef.Fields
     fld.AllowZeroLength = True
 dbsNew.TableDefs.Append tbDef
 Set rs = tbDef.OpenRecordset
'======Saving data===============
 For Each d In ie.Document.frames("USPbody").Document.All
     If TypeName(d) = "HTMLTable" Then
        If i = 1 Then
            nCells = d.cells.length
            For nRow = 2 To nCells / 5
                cellnum = (nRow - 1) * 5
                rs!Cat_No = Left(d.cells(cellnum + 1).innerText, 6)
                rs!Cost = Mid(d.cells(cellnum + 1).innerText, 9)
                rs!Prev_Lot = d.cells(cellnum + 2).innerText
                rs!Current_Lot = d.cells(cellnum + 3).innerText
                rs!Description = d.cells(cellnum + 4).innerText
                rs.Bookmark = rs.LastModified
                Caption = sCaption & CInt(cellnum * 100 / nCells) & "% done"
            Next nRow
            Exit For
        End If
        i = i + 1
     End If
 Caption = "Done!"
 Set ie = Nothing
 SaveRSCatalog = (FileLen(sFileName) > 0)
 rs.Close: Set rs = Nothing
 Set tbDef = Nothing
 dbsNew.Close: Set dbsNew = Nothing
End Function

Private Sub Command1_Click()
 SaveRSCatalog "test.mdb"
End Sub

Private Sub ie_ProgressChange(ByVal Progress As Long, ByVal ProgressMax As Long)
 If ProgressMax > 0 Then Caption = sCaption & CInt(Progress * 100 / ProgressMax) & "% done"
End Sub



thank u so much for ur interest,
Best Regards,
Dr.Waleed Said Abul Makarem
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Richie_SimonettiConnect With a Mentor IT OperationsCommented:
Take a look at this thread:
The last post from asker could do the trick.
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
If your configuration is setted with proxy, everything should works fine.If not you could use some api stuff to get connected and after that launch previous code from Ark.
waleed_makaremAuthor Commented:
i think that this may be ok but which api code i use??

also , if u read Ark's code, u will find that he uses INVISIBLE Internet explorer . but when i open new internet explorer window in windows NT, a messagebox requires the user id and password "Authentication" . that is mean that when the software simulate this process , ie , the software must pass the user id and password in order to avoid error message,
Do u get me ?
so what is the code that i can use to pass the user id and password programatically so that the proxy will not require authenticatin ID

thanks for ur interest,
Best Regards,
Dr.Saleed Said abul makarem
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waleed_makaremAuthor Commented:
hi Richie,
what did u mean by ur proxy configurations are setted ?
i really do not know ANYtHING in proxy and networks ut what i know about this proxy is :--

1- when i open a new inernet explorer window, a message box require the id and password

2- it is better NOT to make any proxy setting changes that will affects its security,as the comp. i work in is multinational and i want the software not to conflict or cause any problems with the proxy,

3- any inforamtion u want on this proxy, i can ask the IT engineers in the comp.

thak u again for u help,
Dr.waleed said abul makarem
Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
I mean, if by default, you internet config uses proxy, there is no problem at all.
Maybe i misunderstood something.
waleed_makaremAuthor Commented:
hi Experts,

so , how can i programatically pass the user id and password to the proxy to get authentication to enter the the internet

Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
I thinks it depends upon how proxy security is implemented.
You could try with InternetConnect API but i guess that username and passw parameter are for server at the end of the line not the proxy.
waleed_makaremAuthor Commented:
hi richie,

i really do not understand,
can i use this software at proxy without passing the user id and passowrd "i doubt"
and if not , which code to use to pass this user id and password ? by api ,. how ?

Dr. waleed said abul makarem
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