Resizing an animated gif....

I have an animated gif image which is 144 by 95 by 16
consisting of 9 frames and measuring 36.4 KB
Is there anyone out there who can reduce this to an image where the longer side is 50  ????
I know about the programs that do this but this is the only occasion that I will need to make this operation.
Therefore, as it is not a question, but a request for someone to do a job for me, I will offer the maximum points.
thanks in advance
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latnemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can also try using a program like GIF Movie Gear to resize this 9 frame file, I have used this program in the past to resize GIF animations and it works great. Here is the link for a free shareware version of it
Just open the file in GIF Movie Gear, press ctrl+A to select all the files and right click within a frame, the last option in the pop up window will say resize, once youve selected the proper dimensions for your file then you can simply resave the file in its new frame size. Let me know if this was what you were looking for.
EE isnt a place to get free work as these sorts of requests have no value in the PAQ archive. We will be more than willing to tell you how to do it, but we wont do it for you.

In any case, you should no problems resizing it in a program like ImageReady.
virtual_surferAuthor Commented:
thanks....I didn't want to ask in the first place, had it not been necessary....
I already know about...
CDHMedia Wizard
QuickChange Media
Blaze Media Convert
but I didn't know about ImageReady.
The above programs are no good to me because I don't have enough memory to run them....I'll now check Image Ready.
If I can run it, I'll download it and withdraw the question.
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I hope youre not planning on downloading ImageReady. It is a commercial product and ships with Photoshop. If you dont have enough memory for the above programs you certainly wont be able to run ImageReady. If youre really that low on memory you should very much consider an upgrade.
virtual_surferAuthor Commented:
thanks....I found that out.....anyway I have already given up on solving the problem and
have asked that the question be deleted.
If file size is not an issue you can change the image size in the implimentation. ex. HTML <img src="image.gif" width="50" height="95">

It is not even a 2 minute job resizing the GIF image in IMAGEREADY. All you have to do is resize the GIF image according to the dimensions you require and it will resize the image. If you want I can help you out with that. So tell me if you require assistance on that.

Paint Shop Pro at will do the job for you. You will have to download both the Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop. They will be good for 30 days.

Use Animation shop to take the GIF down to the individual images, resize in Paint Shop Pro, then re-compile them. You might even be able to resize them with just Animation Shop, but I have done that particular exercize. I have seen an option for it though.

virtual_surferAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot...
You've have solved my problem perfectly...
The points are yours...
virtual surfer, who are you directing your comment to about the solution to your problem and the the winner of the points, please select "accept answer" from the person whose answer helped you the most. After you have accepted their answer they will be awarded the points.
virtual_surferAuthor Commented:
sorry...I thought I used your name in the previous comment...
I will now accept your comment as an answer...
thanks again...
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