Modem showing connected on task bar but really is not


I have a CTX 266mhz AMD-K6 with 128 mb of ram and 40gig harddrive running win 98.  The computer also has a win modem in there.

I usually connect to the internet and leave it on overnight downloading stuff like videos and music.  I noticed that recently when I get up in the morning, the little modem monitor on the system tray is still showing that there is a commection but in fact it has been disconnected because I have a dial tone on the phone.

I have disabled the auto disconnect function and I did not have this problem in the past.  I think that some power management is enabled because the moniter usually cuts off after awhile.  What do you think has happened to my computer??

Please help

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WakeupConnect With a Mentor Specialist 1Commented:
Winmodems generally aren't the best of modems.  It may not be a Power management problem.  Unless your machine is put into suspend mode. Which may shutdown the CPU and suspend Hard Drive which case if you are downloadind anything and HD access is get the idea.  So two ways to check may have to go into the BIOS and check to see if power save mode or power management is turned on or off, see if it is set to suspend the computer or shut down or whatever the case may be.  If it is set to suspend or something to that extent....then maybe you should disable that to see if that is the problem.  
Second place to look is in the settings of Win98.  Go into your control panel and double click on the power settings.
See if that is there.  See if it is set to shut your hard drive access down after time.  If the monitor goes off after time that is no big deal.  That can stay like that.  If that doesn's solve it...try watching the modem activity for a little while...dont move the mouse around....just let it stay on....and see if it will hang up or not.  I generally prefer external modems because of the physical lights on the modem itself.  I am assuming your modem is internal.  Anyway try those things first and let me know.
Do your downloads complete?
If yes, then it may be your ISP dropping the connection after it has been idle for a certain period. Some only do it when their dial in modem pools reach a certain load, so it might not happen all the time. Others do it at a set time limit regardless of need.

If no, then it could be any number of problems, including power management issues, CPU overheating, windows cache thrash syndrome causing the CPU usage to spike and freeze out the winmodem task.


Road Warrior
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Oh and as Roadwarrior says it might be your ISP... I had a similar problem before...After 12hours of login time my ISP would drop...and I'd have to reconnect...EVERY single 12 hour period....
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cpalacioAuthor Commented:
Hi everyone

Thanks for responding.

The thing is my downloaads are not being completed.  As such it is likely something is killing the connection during the downloads.  

What bugs me the most however is that the modem is showing that it is connected even when it is not.  

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Did you try some of the things I suggested above?
another suffestion is to enable the modem logging
control panel, modems,general tab, highlight your modem, click properties, connection tab, click advanced, and check append to log. then after a disconnect you can see what has happened
cpalacioAuthor Commented:
Hey Wakeup

I am traveling to florida weekend which is why I have not done what you have said yet.  I will be back on Monday and will let you know what I found.

I just thought I would continue the discussion in the me an time.

Thanks again.

cpalacioAuthor Commented:
Got frustrated enough to throw out the old computer.  Did learn a few things from your comment though.


I built a system with the following spects

Soyo Dragon Ultra Motherboard
256MB  333mhz DDR memory
Ge force 3 video card
40 gig maxtor drive
AThlon XP 2000
16x DVD
16x CDR writer
Running win 2000


WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Thats a good system...And thanks for returning back to the question with your response!
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