asp in windows 2000

Posted on 2002-03-09
Last Modified: 2010-05-03
hi, i'm using win2000 server (previously win NT) and i'm about trying my asp pages, then I found if something error in my code, the browser will display page not found and doesn't tell me what's wrong, it makes me difficult to debug. Is there any solution to show "user friendly error" ?
Question by:powerfool
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Accepted Solution

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Under Advanced in Internet Options in IE you'll find "Show Friendly HTTP Error messages". Make sure this one is not checked and you should see the normal error message.

Yet, Page not found still means page not found. That should have nothing to do with your code, it's just a URL that's incorrect here.

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abel is correct. If you have any queries to what the exact error message means, inform us.

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It is also good practice to change the page not found standard message to redirect the user to your home page.

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Furthermore, I would stongly advise not to use ASP for you main applciation; call a VB ActiveX DLL instead becuase you get fantasic reliability and much better debugging. You will get your project done much faster.

Here is an example ASP to call a VB ActiveX, you may be doing this already - but if you are not save yourself months of pain.

Option Explicit

On Error Resume Next

Set VIP=Server.CreateObject("VIPASP30.Pager") ' a link to your project
If Err.number<>0 Then
        Session("ErrorMessage") = "Step 1020 Error: " & cstr(err.number) & " - " & Err.Description
     Response.Redirect "DLLDown.asp"
        Exit Do  
     VIP.Register Server, Request, Response, Application, Session
        If Err.number<>0 Then
            Session("ErrorMessage") = "Step 1050 Error: " & cstr(err.number) & " - " & Err.Description
         Response.Redirect "DLLDown.asp"
            Exit Do      
        End If

        If Err.number<>0 Then
            Session("ErrorMessage") = "Step 1090 Error: " & cstr(err.number) & " - " & Err.Description + "~ " VIP.Stage
         Response.Redirect "DLLDown.asp"
            Exit Do
            Session("CrashCount) = 0        
        End If
End If
exit do
Set VIP = Nothing


Your DLLDown.ASP can send you an email with the error details and the rediect to you home page if
Session("CrashCount) is zero Like:

Session("CrashCount)=cLng(Session("CrashCount)) + 1
if Session("CrashCount) < 2 Then
    Response.Redirect "http://youserver/youhomepage.asp"
   ' tell them sorry
   Response.Redirect "http://youserver/astaticpage.htm"
end if

Author Comment

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thanks all!

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