Conflicting names were found in (project path)

How do I 'compact' or cleanse my project?  I have inhereted a messy project. Some forms were renamed and I want to rename some more.

Also, how can I properly rename things to avoid this warning message in the future?

The first actual message was:

Conflicting names were found in '\\MpsWEp01\Vol 2\BoxBoss\MainBoxBoss\frmLogin.frm'. The name FrmMain will be used.
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rspahitzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To handle it manually, you will need to open the .vbp in a text editor and change the reference path.  You may also need to open the .frm and manually change all references to the new VB name.
You may be stuck doing "Save as" for the forms you want to rename.  Be real careful to get everything in the appropriate folder as you are consolidating the project.  It's easy for VB to keep pointers to files in different directories and you never really know just by looking at the Project Explorer window.

Tedious as it sounds, it looks like you'll have to spend some time cleaning up.  The IDE doesn't have a tool like you're describing to my knowledge.
wizard61Author Commented:
I've messed around with Save AS, but I still have problems.

After a awhile I even created a new project in a new folder, added the forms, and still had problems.

I can try this again and will be REAL careful....
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I know what a pain this can be.  You may want to be anal in your procedure - for example, add only one form at a time to the project, saving and reopening it after each one.  This should tell you which forms are conflicting with naming.  Of course, if the project is very large, it'll take awhile.  Also, make use of the log files that VB creates - they should help you determine where to spend the most time.

Good luck...
wizard61Author Commented:
I increased the points since you were kind enough to leave out the "duh". Too easy!

Thanks!  I don't add "duh" because I know that not everyone knows that those files are editable!
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