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system directory

how do u get the sytem directory?
1 Solution
killer5Author Commented:
thanks ryancys!
but before i give u the points let me ask u one thing.

what's the difference between system and system32 folders?
can i use system32 to register my own ActiveX(ocx) files?
Ryan ChongCommented:
Basically we just use either system or system32 to register your own ActiveX (ocx). So just register it to the path returned by this function and it will be fine.

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killer5Author Commented:
the code is not that optimized... it returns some weird characters. thanks anyway
Ryan ChongCommented:
So i deserve a "C"?!
i didn't do better in that other question ;) questioner would like to have more of cut & paste code completely tailored i guess
There is a small error in that vbcode sample.

Original line:
    strWindowsSystemDirectory = Left$(strBuffer, Len(strBuffer) - 1)  ' weird character is Chr(0)
should be changed to:
    strWindowsSystemDirectory = Left$(strBuffer, lngReturn)

The function returns the length of the string returned if it is successful, or 0 if it failed.
    lngReturn = GetSystemDirectory(strBuffer, MAX_PATH)

Suggestion to still change the grade to B, since no info is lost, and 'weird character' is trimmed automatically in most cases, e.g if you show a MsgBox, or put it into textbox.  It will still show in IDE, when you move mouse over variable.
Ryan ChongCommented:
Thanks ameba for clarification.
Grade changed.


You should understand that here at Experts Exchange, you have the responsibility of bringing a question to an excellent resolution. Spend some time answering the experts questions and clarifying your problem. The experts have given their time in helping you, please show your appreciation by attending to your open questions and not grading punitively.

When you're grading an expert's answer it is important to remember that the grade you award to a question is a token of appreciation, not a "school" grade.

For grading, in general, I would advise to give an "A" unless you have a good reason to grade less, for example, if you asked for more information and you didn't get it, or the expert only gave you a starting point and you still had to do most of the grunge work yourself.

A "C" grade is particularly unacceptable if the person simply posted their suggestion as a comment. After all, you are not obliged to accept a comment as the answer.

Whatever the case may be, if you're considering giving a "B" or a "C", please tell the expert beforehand, so that they have a chance to work on making their answer worth that "A".

Another thing you might want to consider is that a lot of experts check an asker's grading record. If they see that an asker habitually grades questions with "B"s or even "C"s they would be very reluctant to give their help. With your current record, you might find it difficult to get good and timely answers.

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