File handling

I have problems handling file:

1) Look at this piece of code :



File has 5 name like this :

This while loop reads till name4. then reads name5.
Now, it should stop here.
But it goes and reads name 5 again and then comes out.
I do not understand how.

2)In my program I am writing some thing into a file.
while this process is going on, I am not able to see anything written to the file using VI editor.
I am doing fflush() soon after I write to the file.
Please help
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SapaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> This while loop reads till name4. then reads name5.
> Now, it should stop here.
> But it goes and reads name 5 again and then comes out.

Looks like it doesn't. Do you check the fscanf's return code? Looks like it read name5, and no EOF occured yet. Then it attempts to read the last chunk of data, fscanf returns error and does not modify 'name' variable. You print it (name5) again. And only now the EOF flag is raised.

> In my program I am writing some thing into a file.
> while this process is going on, I am not able to see
> anything written to the file using VI editor.

Do you restart vi after you program write? If no,
vi will show the old file content read into memory.
Use 'less' if you want to look growing files.
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Thank you
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             name[0] = 0x00;                                      //  or even  strcpy(name, "");

Should fix you up, which is what Sapa is alluding to, also, he is correct about vi.

I don't want any points, I just thought the example might better explain Sapa's post.
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