conditional regex

I'm working on a simple templating system, don't want to use the perlmod for it, but I'm having trouble with this regex...

I want to take tags of the form
and put them as

this is the basic version:

$url = "view.cgi?page=";
$content =~ s/\[\[(.*?)\]\]/$url$1/g;

but I'd like to do relative links as well, so that


would become

(assume the current dir is in $currentdir )

in short, I want to say "if $1 doesn't contain a / then prepend it with currentdir/" in my original substitution but I don't know how...
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bebonhamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
#relative path
my $currentdir="home/";

my $test="[[dir/page]] [[page2]] asdlkj asdsa/adsa [[super]] [[mak/fu]]";
$url = "view.cgi?page=";
$content =~ s/\[\[([^\]]*\/[^\]]*)\]\]/$url$1/g;
$content =~ s/\[\[([^\/]*)\]\]/$url$currentdir$1/g;

print content;                                                              

if you explain how the data in content looks, I could make it more efficient.

$content =~ s#\[\[(.*?)\]\]#$url.($1!~tr"/""&&"$currentdir/").$1#eg;
sub substitute {
    my $tmpl = shift;
    $url . ($tmpl =~ /\// ? '' : "$currentdir/") . $tmpl;

$content =~ s/\[\[(.*?)\]\]/substitute($1)/eg;
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Ozo and Bebonham both offered good solutions to the problem...Ozo's is more educational in someways and I only barely understand what it's about. (But it was a very direct response to how I asked the question.) Bebonham's is more rough and ready and what I should come up with myself. In the interest of people understanding my code in the future, I'm going to go with Bebonham's suggestion, so I guess Bebonham should get the points.

Thanks to you both.

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