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I would like to know how can I block one user opening multiple session of a same JSP page.

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Store a bean with currently logged on users in the application scope (could just use a Vector of names, or a HashMap of names and sessions), lets call it the activeUsers bean.
Have a session scope bean handle the login and authentication, call it the login bean.

The login bean checks with the activeUsers bean for previous logins with the application.  
If the user is unknown, log them in and add the name to the activeUsers bean.
If the user is known to the activeUsers bean deal with it accordingly by invalidating the current session/other session or whatever you want to do.

If you are clustering it gets a bit more complicated as you need a central repository for the names, and a facility for invalidating sessions on another box within the cluster, but I'll let you deal with that another day :)

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you can have a static list with the logged users and check whether the user is already logged
in this case u shld hv a persistent way of checking for the session chk up either with DB logging or other techniques!
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BTW, you can of course redirect the user to another page, rather thqn invalidating the current session, so the same JSP page is not open more than once for the same user under different sessions.

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