Officejet Pro 1150C Printing Crooked

I have an Officejet Pro 1150C and it is printing crooked on the page.  Here is what I have tried so far.
I have cleaned the pickup rollers.
I have lightly sandpapered the pickup rollers.
I have removed and reinserted the paper tray many times.
I have run the self-test page and it doesn't line up properly.
I have printed colored blocks on both sides of the page and it seems to start slightly skewed left and finish slightly right.
I am going to now reboot and try cleaning and aligning the cartridges again.
Any more suggestions?
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If you have ruled out a cartridge problem (tried a new/old one?) then it's definitely a mechanical problem... the paper is not being feed evenly through the printer.  This usually happens when one side of the paper feeder is worn, or when one side is gripping harder than the other.

About all you can do is have it serviced.
slink9Author Commented:
I kinda knew that.  I am looking for suggestions, NOT ANSWERS.  Please don't propose another answer.  If your suggestion is helpful it will be accepted as the answer.
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slink9Author Commented:
Here is the situation.  The left margin starts out at .25 inches and ends up off to the right by 1/32 of an inch.  The line on the print cartridge alignment starts at 31/32" on the left side and finishes 30/32" (15/16" for you math junkies) on the right side.
The paper is obviously slipping but is there something I can do short of taking the machine apart?
Sorry about submitting it as an answer instead of a comment.  I thought it was pretty obvious.

I don't see any way to fix it without "taking the machine apart".
Wonder if the printhead isn't homing properly. Sounds like you have covered all of the paper path.
slink9Author Commented:
It seems to be better than it was after using the sandpaper to clean the pickup rollers.  I may do that some more just to see how well it goes.  If not, I will just have to live with it for now.
The 1100 series had a special set you could order from the HP site which serviced your rollers. It only helped for a short time on heavy used printers. Maybe you can use this for your 1150 or there is a special set for it.
slink9Author Commented:
I don't like deleting a question but nobody was close on this one.
It appears to have straightened (literally) itself out.  I believe the problem went back to trying to print on some old iron on transfer paper.  It left junk on the pickup rollers.  Between the types of cleaning and normal use it finally wore off.
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