Posted on 2002-03-14
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I need to export the metabase on a server to a text file FROM A SCRIPT.  In other words, I want to be able to run a task nightly that makes a backup of my entire metabase.  I DON'T want a binary backup however, as I have often had problems restoring binary backups of the metabase if it's not being restored to the same machine that it was exported from.

MetaEdit 2.x allows EXACTLY what I'm looking for - i.e. it exports all of the data in the metabase to a text file and also has the ability to then restore settings from that text file.  However - I need this functionality froma command line (rather than a GUI).  

Is this possible?  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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Most IIS administrators want automated maintenance tools. In the IISsamples folder (\inetpub\iissamples\sdk\admin) on your Win2K server, you'll find four Windows Script Host (WSH) scripts that automate backing up and restoring the IIS metabase. Two scripts are for backing up the metabase (one written in VBScript and one written in JScript), and two are for restoring the metabase. These tools demonstrate how you can automate the process, which makes backing up the metabase even easier and more powerful.
The metaback.vbs script takes three parameters:
The name of the backup
The version (-v) number of the backup
A force flag (-f), which forces the overwrite of a backup even if the version exists
Get a command prompt, navigate to the \inetpub\iissamples\sdk\admin folder on your IIS 5.0 server, and type
cscript metaback.vbs myIISmetabaseBak

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I found this article as well.  The problem - is that I want a TEXT backup of the metabase.  This article creates a binary backup.  The problem with binary backups of the metabase is that they are only good on THAT installation on THAT machine.  In other words, you can't do a backup, then re-install the OS and then do a restore reliably.  

The nice thing about metaedit is that you can do this.


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