having problem with computer recognizing modem

I recently reformatted my computer and installed Win 98SE in place of Win 95.  I got the video card up and running and everything seems fine, except I cannot get the computer to recognize my modem.  I have ?? under where it should be in Device Manager and when I try and install drivers or anything it just fails to install them.  If I try to add new hardware, it cannot locate the modem.  I even tried taking out the PCI modem that was in there and installed an ISA modem from another computer.  Same thing.  I installed the set up program that came with the new modem and it seems to search every COM port and cannot locate it.  Anyone know what's going on??  How do I know what COM port it is in.  I just plugged it into an open ISA slot.
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gandalf79Connect With a Mentor Commented:

i have spent many long hours working on that exact problem here is a list of what you should do.

1. go to device manager remove all unknown devices and any thing listed under modems. Although it probably is not needed it could not hurt to remove the dial up adapter under network adapters. do not restart if propted. close device manager.

2. go to add new hardware. hit the next button until you see a screen that asks if you want windows to search for hard ware automaticly. select install hardware manully and hit next. a list should pop up that has various types of hardware listed. scroll down to the item called "ports (com & lpt)". double click that item. Under manufaturer it should have "(standard port types)" selected. on the left of the screen double click on "Communications port". Click next then finish. select no if it asks you to restart. repeat this step 2 times.

note: this will add comm 3 and 4 to your computer.

3. once you have finish step 2, 2 times restart the  computer.

4. it should automaticly detect your modem and start installing drivers. as it is doing this on one of the pages you will see it search each of the comm ports. if it does not find the modem repeat steps 2 & 3 again.

This should take care of your problem because it sounds like the modem is working just unable to find the com port it wants.

if it still does not find a good comm port then the problem may be anouther device in you computer is using the port your modem wants to use. such devices can include anything attached to the sieral port(or comm port). some scanners, web cam, pda, old style mouse, ups, etc. try removing anything that uses your sieral ports or comm ports.

if you are still having probems it could be some other hardware conflict. i have also seen modems not work because of a default setting on a standard piece of hard ware like the pci bridge.(WARNING: i do not recommend changing any settings in such devices unless you know what you are doing. i only mention it incase you do know wnat you are doing.)

if this does not help go to the manufactures web sight and look up your card. chances are if there is a wierd problem with your card the web sight will have a solution. it is also not a bad idea to download the updated drivers while you are there.

if that does not work try changing slots to see if there is an irq sharing problem. also you might try going into your bios and reseting the resorce allocation. i would have to know witch bios u r using and what mother board to give directions on how to do this but it is in there for most modern mother boards.

if all of the above fails the problem may not be software related but hardware related. ie something is bad with the card itself or your motherboard.
What is make and model of modem?
did you check for an updated driver for it?

Is this modem Plug and Pray?  most older ISA modems were not
codecontraAuthor Commented:
I am not sure if it is plug and play.  One of the modems I am trying is an AOpen FM56-ITU/2 if that tells you anything.
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Here is site for info on your modem:
hi rayt333

>>Is this modem Plug and Pray?  most older ISA modems were not

nice one Plug n PRAY ?? hahaha :) plug it in and pray that it works ......

codecontraAuthor Commented:
OK, but how do I know what port it is in like COM 1 vs. COM2, etc?
codecontraAuthor Commented:
and if it is not plug and play, what do I have to do.  The erro message says to make sure the modem is turned on.  Turned on???  What the heck does that mean??
Plug your PCI modem back into an open PCI slot.  Remove the ISA modem (probably not as fast anyhow).  Go into start/settings/control panel/system/device manager/
Under Modem - remove all modems listed.

Reboot and wait for the system to detect the modem.

Have your WIN98SE CD handy, and follow instructions.  

I think that this should take care of it - good luck.
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