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Eventid 2004

I've got a HP LaserJet 5M shared on an NT Server 4.0 SP6a. I use TCP/IP printing to this printer.
Most of the time that works ok, but sometimes I get a lot of messages (event id 2004) from the LPR Print monitor in the event log.

They say that "Printer on host x.x.x.x is rejecting our request. Will retry until it accepts the request or the job is cancelled by the user"

How do I fix this?
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1 Solution
This problem occurs if one of the following conditions are met:
• Intermittent network problems such as congested routers, broken network segments or multiple hosts printing to the same printer.


• Problem with the HP JetDirect card. The card may need to be updated to a newer version (Firmware Revision 3.03 or above).

I think the second point correspond to your problem. With web jet admin, it's very easy to update firmware.
Warning : never install web jet admin on your print server, always on workstation.
Before you go to the trouble of updating the firmware, first make sure that all JetDirect settings are correct as per the last part of the technet article that rpaquet referred to.

Improper configuration of the JetDirect card. For example, if the SYSLOG
  SERVER parameter is configured for an IP address of a non-existing server or
  a server that does not support the SYSLOG command, the first print job
  prints; however, subsequent print jobs results in an error. This is due to
  the JetDirect card attempting to send logging information to print server and
  suspends further printing until it accomplishes the task. If you power cycle
  the print device during this state, print jobs may print. However, the
  problem re-occurs immediately after the next print job completes. Windows NT
  does not support the SYSLOG SERVER command.
rj2Author Commented:
There are no routers, both printer and workstation are on a single LAN

On the self test/configuration page it says
HP JetDirect J2552B
Firmware revision A.05.05


How do I know that a firmware update will really help?
Do you got a link with information about the bugs that are fixed in recent firmware upgrades?

Why should JetAdmin be installed on workstation and not server?
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rj2Author Commented:
Both printer, server and all workstations are on a single LAN.

From where do I download firmware updates, there are no firmware updates listed at URL below?

Do you got an URL to the TechNet article you're referring to?
You can download Web Jet Admin at the Following URL :

In the upper right corner, enter the IP of your printer in Quick Device Find and go.
Now, you can control all of the parameters of the printer.
Click Update (perhaps you have to click the arrow left of "Status" on the menu bar before see "update").
Web Jet Admin search automatically the last firmware you can install but i think J2552B with A.05.05 is already the last.

Web jet admin on print server cause incompatibility problems with LPR port.
rj2Author Commented:
What kind of incompatibility problems?
Do you got an URL with more information about this?
In my next job, LSA recomand to not install web jet admin on print server but i don'nt know exactly why.
There are some infos at this URL :

!!!! I have contacted my old collegue and i receive this info : the probleme IS NOT with web jet admin but with jet admin. This last browses the network continuously and create bottleneck (and perhaps more problems).

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