Save as function locks up windows...

This is a 2000 machine that was upgraded from Windows 98 (not by me!) over a year ago. This machine needs to be rebuilt, but the user is a royal pain in the arse and has a ton of strange applications installed on her machine that would take forever to get set back up.

Whenever she uses the save as function in any application (Word, Excel, even other non Microsoft programs) the machine locks up. Unfortunately, this is an intermittent problem and doesn't happen all the time. I can bring up the task manager when it locks and kill the application that was being used and everything goes back to normal. Any ideas on what the heck is going on? I have her patched up as far as she can go on both the OS and Office side.
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CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yep you got a point there Gabe. :>)

Perhaps booting to the Win2000 CD and doing a Repair or having Win2000 reinstall over itself might fix the problem. If not you may finally be able to convince your client to start fresh or perhaps get a new mahcine with XP Pro already installed on it.

It just seems weird that doing a Save As is freezing up the system periodically. My instincts tell me that it has something to with the RAM or perhaps the Virtual memory allocation.

Anyway have you noticed any corelation to what other programs, process's and/or service is running at the time this happens. What I mean is there any thing else that is running in the background when this happens that is not running when the Save As does not cause a problem.

Also I am presuming Check Disk and Defrag have been ran.
Try this
Start > Run type in

sfc /scannow

and see if finds any problems with any of the system files.

Sounds somewhat hardware related to me or a background program like an anti-virus scannner interfering with this proccess.

The Crazy One
Gabe_RiveraAuthor Commented:
Run the system file checker, no help. Virus protection was removed to see if I could isolate that problem, no help.

I'm thinking it's just going to have to be rebuilt unless someone can pull something from their arse. Any ideas?
Hmm you know since it is intermittent it could point to some kind of hardware issue. Or a particular part of a memory module isn't functioning appropriately from time to time. However apparently since the freeze only seems to happen when using the Save as function it makes the  situation even more peculiar since System File Checker didn't find anything. On the other hand if Win2000 was installed as an upgrade and not a fresh install then the Win98 installation should be removable through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Of course it all depends on how Win2000 was configured to install whether the Win98 installation was removed or saved during the installation.

Anyway it is possible the old Win98 things are getting in the way and confusing the system. I know it sounds weird but it has been know to happen. Also it may be a good idea just to open the case and clean all the slots and modules and cards and cable connections of dust. Doing this has cleared up many weird problems for me from time to time. :>)
Gabe_RiveraAuthor Commented:
It's a laptop... opening it up and doing anything is pretty much out of the question.
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