solaris ports usage

   I notice that application on solaris uses very
high port number, like 35000, when it tries to talk to the server.  I have an application running on port 1461,
when the client send a request to the server,
its destination port is 1461, and the source port
is 45009, which 45009 so big?  Is there a range
of ports that solaris uses?

thanks in advance
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Ports go from 0 to 65535.  Anything below 1024 is considered "reserved", and you must be running as root to listen on those ports...
siunixAuthor Commented:
why does the apps use big port like 45000?
It is arbitrary.  An application can use any port it wants (above 1024), so developers tend to choose large number that probably won't conflict with other applications.


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developers tend to use socket() call to get a free socket/port for the system, its number is random if not explicitely requested. See man socket, man connect.
That's only true for a client program, of course :)

A server type program wouldn't function very well if the clients didn't know where to find it...
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