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Posted on 2002-03-15
Last Modified: 2010-04-05
I'm Working with Delphi 5 and MSSQL 7. and using around 50 databases.. ie Our company have 50 distribution centers having same working structure. we use same program on each location with same database structure, but we have to keep each locations data on Head Office. for that we use the same program in HEAD OFFICE then we need to login every database from multiple machines ie locationwise login  with same program , for that we have to create 50 alias for each l can't create more aliases, while creating the alias thru alias manager this error occurs " Unable to write to configuration file" i think it is a config. settings problem. How can i
create more aliases?

Eg : a,b,c are database (not tables)

One user login to a, at the same time another use b and so on..
Question by:sumeesh
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Please see my comments here

I've locked this question for reasons apparent in the other question.


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hi stuart,

i'm the firsttime in this site..sorry i'm trying 4 a correct answer. i'll try ur solution today itself..

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Hi sumeesh,

I understand that your new to this site, but the comment I provided in your original thread worked perfectly (infact, I use that exact same code in all our Delphi apps which connect to an SQL Server).  Therefore, you will find that this WAS the correct answer.

I am mystified as to why you awarded the points to another use who only posted another question when you have clearly not tried the code presented to you?  How an you be "trying 4 a correct answer" when you don't try what's offered?

If you aren't sure how to use Experts Exchange, there are many people (including myself) who will be more than happy to help you out.  Just ask.  Awarding points to people just because they're the first in the comments list is the quickest way to alientate yourself and make other experts less willing to help you in the future.

Once you have tried my suggestion, can you please let me know if it works or not?  I'm not interested in the whole points aspect, but feedback and thanks is appreciated.


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I'd like to claim the points and the grading on this one.  As my proposed answer above outlines, I did provide a working solution in another thread.

If sumeesh has any problems with this, please let it be known.



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I have finalized this 10 point question, and thank you for your response.  Easy questions begin at a value of 50 points, so don't believe that Asker will have a problem with this decision.
Moondancer - EE Moderator

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