Help on MAC Addrses

Hi friends,

How i will access remote computer if i know the mac address of remote comuter.

Thank you

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Please be more specfic.  

You don't normally communicate with a remote computer via its MAC address.  In fact I'm only aware of one protocol that does this, namely the Microsoft NETBEUI protocol.  The problem with such a protocol is that it's unroutable.  Since MAC addresses are essentially "random" from a network point of view, there is no way to know where a particular MAC address "lives" without broadcasting your message to the entire world.  Obviously that both impractical and undesirable.

More advanced protocols like TCPIP don't use the MAC address to route the message.  They use a hierarchical address.  The most significant parts of the address specify the NETWORK where the remote host lives and the least significant parts specify the specific HOST you want.  (Which parts are which is the basis for the commonly misunderstood NETMASK or SUBNET MASK TCPIP property but that's another discussion....)

On the INTERNET (which is TCPIP based) you cannot reliably locate the IP address of a host from its MAC address.  There is a protocol called RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol) that will provide the IP from a MAC but a RARP server can only resolve hosts from whom it's heard traffic.  Usually this is only the local network and whatever remote hosts it has seen packets from.
narendrakumar1978Author Commented:

You are right and i know this but is there any software u know through that i can hack the remote computer if i know the mac and ip address of remote computer...

I think you're looking for help in the wrong place.

Try one of the "kiddie" hacker/cracker/warez site and go away from here!
There is software that you could use to hack the other computer if you knew it's mac and IP address.  You'd just need to find some of that software and then it would be easy.


Get a clue.
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