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More than one laptop?

How can one non-IT person make use of more than one laptop (I don't own a desktop)?  I got a new one and I hate watching the other one gather dust when it is still functional.

I am using windows, and I thought that I would broaden my horizon by installing linux on the older laptop, or maybe just keep it with windows98.  I would have different apps installed in each computer?  Isn't it better to have everything on one?  I use the clipboard a lot.

I have them networked, so I guess I can still keep all the files on my main laptop, and use the older laptop to do backups periodically.

Any suggestions on what else to do with the old laptop?
1 Solution
well, first off, I would suggest trying a version of linux on it.  BUT, if you're not an IT kinda person, linux is probably not for you.  

As for staying with windows, there are several things you could use it for...for instance:

Set up the older machine up to backup the newer laptop, so as to have an exact duplicate of all of your files and programs, that way you can take your older laptop with you anytime you might get it "dirty" like to the beach, park, or anywhere else for that matter.  This would keep your newer machie in better condition.

You could use one machine for games and the internet, and keep the other for work stuff, bills, record keeping, etc...  That way, if you get a virus or crash the computer, you haven't lost anything you can't recover from the original CDs (other than your saved games).

Another option (if you are a gamer) would be to set them up side by side, with your game running on one and any reference materials up on the other for quick access.

Or, you could simply load a totally different set of applications on each, and set them side by side.  That way you could be writing something, doing bills, and/or playing a game on one machine.  While at the same time you could be surfing the web, listening to music, watching a movie, and/or chatting with friends on the other machine without the worry of crashing and loosing your valuable data.  

If you need anymore ideas let me know...   I might have a couple more...

If you think Linux might be for you, or want to know more about it, let me know and I'll try to give you an idea of why people like it so much...  like me..  I use several operating systems.
Another thing you could do if you don't think you'll use it very much, is donate it to a school and use it for a tax write off
good one!!!  I'm pissed I didn't think of that one!

oh well...  
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Chris RipollMaster of NoneCommented:
You could always sell the older one and use the money to beef up the new one !! ie. External ZIP drive for backups, docking station, more memory, bigger HDD..etc etc

mraeryceosAuthor Commented:
These are good suggestions.
mraeryceosAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I loaned it to a friend that got a job but still needs to finish up his thesis.
great!  I'm glad you found a use for it...   so did you get all the ideas you were interested in?  or are you leaving the question open looking for more ideas?
sorry, I tried to post that comment last night, but the servers were down, and when I logged in this morning, I posted it without reading...   sorry my stupidity...

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