ejbCreate and ejbPostCreate in Entity Bean

Why ejbPostCreate method is required in entity bean?
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girionisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 My understanding is that basically you create the data representing the entity bean inside the ejbCreate() method and you can initialize the values of the data inside the ejbPostCreate(). Of course this could be also done inside the ejbCreate(). Maybe the following URL is helpful to you: http://www.jguru.com/faq/view.jsp?EID=51577
 From "Proffesional EJB" (Wrox Press) page 109:

"The fundamental reason ejbPostCreate exists is because the programmer is never allowed to pass "this" as a parameter to a remote method; they must always use the remote interface instead. However, the remote interface for the bean is not available until ejbCreate() returns. If they needed the remote interface during the creation of the EJB component, there would be no way to proceed. Rather than leave this hole in the specification, an "after create" method was developed in which the remote interface would be available. This method is the ejbPostCreate(). The same situation exists with the primary key in CMP, because the container creates the key. If the primary key is needed for some reason, that work also needs to be done in ejbPostCreate(). Why would you need to pass the EJB's remote reference or primary key to another EJB during its creation? Perhaps one of the main reasons is to set up relationships, for example when you create the employee you want the boss to have a reference to."
virendra032700Author Commented:

Thank you for your reply. I have read what ever you have written in a book. But is is not clear.
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When you need to do some extra-initialization after the execution of the create() method. Most of the time it is empty (do nothing). At least that is my personal experience.
virendra032700Author Commented:
Hi Girionis,

I thank for your effort.
Any time... Hope I ws helpful. :-)
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I don't think the selected answer deserve a "C" grade. It is completely correct and there is not much else you could say about the ejbPostCreate() method. The distribute schema is abstract and some times difficult to understand, but it is man-made, and it comes with instructions from its creators.

Just my opinion!  
Oops, I forgot. I think the selected answer should be graded "A".
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