simulating a cluster with vmware

I heard it should be possible on a single PC, but

- is SCSI required?
- do I need the gsx server?
- what else is important?

Would be very nice to test MSCS at home...
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hms11Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I've successfully created an Exchange 2000 cluster using VMWare and the tips found on this site:

I've got 3 "virtual" servers running on a single WindowsXP workstation - 1 windows 2000 active directory domain controller, and two other windows 2000 servers clustered with Exchange 2000 running in an Active/Active configuration on top of that.

Small tip, you'll want lots of RAM.  And then probably double it.  I've got 512 MB and my machine never stops paging when I have all 3 virtual machines running.
WOW! Thats an interesting idea. Hoping to hear some good responses about this one!
frankaAuthor Commented:
you will find some usenet post from guys that already did that on a notebook, so this should prove that it may work without SCSI.
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frankaAuthor Commented:
still wainting for suggestions.
frankaAuthor Commented:
so at least one SCSI-adapter and disc is mandatory?
frankaAuthor Commented:
my 2nd glance will tell me, it's possible without hardware SCSI?
frankaAuthor Commented:
hms11: please answer me that single question and you have the points
No SCSI required.  I'm doing it all with a single IDE drive.
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