I'm using a menu that I found on a shareware site.  It uses a JS include as in:

<script src="menu.js"></script>

It works on most browsers and most computers, but IE seems to have a problem on some computers and displays the following error:

"Can't execute code from a freed script"

I've done a search on can find no documentation on what might be causing this error - but I'd love any suggestions you might have...
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Thank you, Michel.

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Moondancer - EE Moderator
Most likely, there are some references in the menu.js to other script files...and since they do not exist anymore, you are getting this error...

This could include various different ways, like document.myscript or variants of this...

Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Google and google groups were full of suggestions

Free Tool: SSL Checker

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kalliopiAuthor Commented:
DreamMaster - there are no references to the script outside of the script itself.  It is a completely contained system.

mplungian - I didn't find any.  Could you possibly post some of the suggestions you found here?  Or at least URLS to the suggestions?

Thanx for the quick response...
kalliopiAuthor Commented:

I had done the same searches that you did and found two types of pages were returned by the search.
1) Lists of errors (one of which is the one I was searching for)
2) Many, many, many other people asking almost exactly the same question that I was asking.

Unfortunately, neither of these two types of pages had any answers for me.  I had hoped that your searches were more fruitful, but unfortunately, they don't appear to have been.

Thanks anyway.  I've submitted this question back to the guy that developed the original script and hopefully he'll have some insight.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm still looking.  Thanx.
kalliopi, could you perhaps post the code for that script so I can look it over and let you know if I find anything?

kalliopiAuthor Commented:
I submitted the question to the guy that wrote it and he found the problem.  Thanks anyway though.
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
And it was what?

Please post and have CS FAQ the question and return the points
kalliopiAuthor Commented:
I had multiple body tags in the HTML body (I was using include files and FrontPage automatically adds body tags every time it opens a file for exiting).  As a result, on slower computers, if the script was not finished being processed when the second body tag was reached, it was unloaded from memory and then the error occured.  I removed the other body tags and everything works great now...
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:

Feel free to ask customer services to PAQ this for you

kalliopiAuthor Commented:
What does PAQ mean?  Also, how is that different from deleting the question?
Save it for future reference...

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Thanks everyone.
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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Please paq and return points
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