Mapping a drive to the computer you're on.

I have a laptop and a desktop both setup for Win98 peer to peer networking using  Client for Microsoft Networks.  On my laptop I can map a drive back to itself by right-clicking on  Network Neighborhood in an explorer window,  Select Map Network drive, Select a drive letter and then  in the Path textbox type in
This correctly maps a lettered drive back to my laptop.  However, when I try the same procedure on my desktop I get an error message:    "This operation cannot be performed to your own computer"

Any ideas why it works on one PC and not the other?
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Try this insteed:
subst f: c:\temp
where "temp" is your folder name.
You can modify the path "c:\temp" to reflect the actual path of the folder you like to asign a drive letter.
What is doing this "subst" command, is associate a path with a drive letter.
Hope this will help, Chris.
Are you actually mapping to a share?  Unless you have a share involved, I don't think it will work.  Also, what type of security is setup on the share?  Is it user based or password based?  This may make a difference on 98.
Type into the "Run" field:
subst f: "the folder name which you want to share"
ex. :  subst f: temp
This will create a local share on your computer.

Hope this will help, Chris.
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Mach1proAuthor Commented:
Mistake on my part.  The path I am actually typing in is:
It's just that the name of the laptop and the shared name for the C drive were the same.  On both computers the entire C drive is shared with Full Access.
When I try typing in the same pattern for the desktop
 I now get a different prompt.  A 'Dial up Networking' window comes up and says:
      Cannot Access
     The network name is either not found on the running network, or is incorrect.
     Do you want to connect by using Dial-Up Networking instead?

The only difference I can see right now between the configuration of the network for the two computers is that the Desktop's name is longer than 8 characters. Should that have any bearing on this at all?

When I type your code into the Run command, I get a dos window that says:
     Extended Error 1,282
This appears to be a name resolution problem.  Go to a command prompt and type:

Ping NameOfDesktop

and see what the IP address is that is returned.  It should be the IP address of the machine.  My guess is that it is not resolving it for some reason.

I do seem to recall some type of 8 character limitation on the name.  You may want to try changing the name to something shorter and see if that works.  Or try the ping above using only the first 8 characters - If that works, try the map command that way as well.
Mach1proAuthor Commented:
Your code worked good, but How do I Unassign these drive letters without restarting the computer?
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