New to VoIP..... What do I buy ?

I have a Cisco 2600 router connected to my ISP.

How do I set up VoIP to my home office?

FYI - Leased T-1

What phone equipment do I need ?
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scraig84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, you don't HAVE to have IP phones.  You can install cards that allow trunks from an existing phone switch/PBX.  The switch would then have to direct calls with a certain prefix etc to the router.

The question you are asking about what you should do depends on so many different variables regarding what you have, what you are willing to spend, and most importantly what exactly you are trying to achieve over the short and long terms.  There really is no silver bullet answer here.  Your best bet is to get a trustworthy consulting company involved that specializes in this stuff - or you can spend the next few months getting extremely intimate with the details, best practices, pitfalls, etc on implementing VoIP solutions.  I really don't think there is any other way.

Hope that helps..
You need IP phones and they are NOT cheap. You also need your ISP to be able to support this if your going to be making outside calls. Also, you will need to put in the maximum amount of memory that the 2600 will support, which I believe it 64. I've only done this a couple times and was able to make it work, however, I don't really want to give hookup advice on this. Maybe Lrmoore or one of these guys may be able to help you out more and has more experience with this.
Without first knowing more about your current telecommunications system and needs, commenting on what you need would be a guessing game. If you have a PBX IP phones probably would not be the best solution. If you are just going to chat to friends and collages on a casual bases you could get by with Net Meeting. It all depends on what you want to do and expect to be able to do as to what you really need along with what you are willing to spend.  
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sysvalAuthor Commented:
Thanks to ALL for the comments.

I have not come forward with IP phones yet... but I do appreciate the info.
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