Upgrading BIOS driver..

Hi everybody...

can anyone tell me how to upgrade the bios software
(driver) of my Mother Board?

I could locate the latest version of it..
all what i got is a file named:  2k1027S.rom

I need to upgrade becuse i currently have: 991022S.rom
installed (22/10/99) which doesn not support DMA66 detection
(needed to work with Bigger Hard Desks)

Here is the history of that software...
here is the software itself:

but they said nothing about instalation!!

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WakeupConnect With a Mentor Specialist 1Commented:
Either way will work.  You should not need any other files except to boot up into a DOS mode, then run the Flash Bios utility with the rom file.  And after maybe 30 seconds it should be done.  I would not be tooo worried.  I have never messed any bios' up and have not see any or many people mess their bios' up either.  If you really need help let me know and I will give you a number to contact me and I can walk you through it.

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
In order to use that file name 2K1027S.ROM, you will need the BIOS Flash Utility disk for your motherboard.  You will need a boot disk with the .Rom and flash utility for your board.  Boot up with the boot disk, and run the Flash utility using the 2K1027S.ROM and that should take care of it.  However I would be very careful about how you go about flashing your bios.  This could be a very easy process or it could ruin your motherboard's bios.  

Do you have any information on what brand motherboard you have?  It appears to be this one.  I am not sure tho.  IF that is the case try getting this:


Try this URL this looks to be the right information.  Just match it up with your board.  And get the right Bios Flash utility and you should be good to go:

mary_MAuthor Commented:

Yes my board is exactly the one on

M766LMRT ...it is manufactured by PcChips

I just have few question (becuse this is the first time for me) :

but i've noticed that the update in
IS the latest update.. But it is not mentioned in
the release.txt file!  is that a problem?

The release.txt stopped in version 2k0729S.rom

while 010222s.rom  was released on 22-02-2001

Also in the same page:
the tool is: AMINF325.zip

But when i visited the next page i found: AMINF332.zip
(i.e. newer version.. should this be a problem?)

Also i've noticed that  010222s.rom  is the driver
of many MB ... but my MB is NOT mentioned in
it is only mentioned in http://www.protac.com.au/files/mb/bios.html to use the driver 010222s.rom

What do you think.. should i go ahead, get the flashing utility and use 010222s.rom ?
or use 2k1127s.rom to be in the safe side?

(2k1127s.rom is exactly for M766LMRT, but the *newer*
010222s.rom seems to work also with many other models)
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mary_MAuthor Commented:
Also .. is the flash utility somthing that i can run from windows?

or i should make startupdesk then locate it on my hard desk
and execute it?

shall it detect the new version automatically or what?

sorry for asking much questions.. as said, i never did that before :)

thank you.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
What operating system are you running again?  I didnt seem to catch that.  Anyway I would suggest, going with what the site says is for your specific motherboard.  Like I said once you flash it, if it is incorrect or done incorrectly you could have problems.  And you may not be able to Reflash your motherboard.  So stick with what the site says and do the 2k1127s.rom bios update.  Make a boot disk, and boot from the boot disk is best.  Windows may have things running in the background that could interfere with the update and if it does not flash properly, you may render your mother board useless.
mary_M: You CANNOT do any sort of BIOS update from inside Windows--you have to create a boot disk for this task. The main reason for this is that Windows multi-tasks, so if some other process decided to read from the BIOS while it was in the middle of being written by the update process all hell would break loose--if the BIOS update process got killed in the confusion the PC would almost certainly be unbootable.
go to http://www.wimsbios.com for all upgrade software u'll need.
mary_MAuthor Commented:
I use win98  

so, to sum up, here is what i am going to do
(correct me if i am worng):

1) I will make a start up desk from the windows
2) I will test it to make sure that it actually boots.
3) I will copy the Flash Utility to that desk AND
copy the file 2k1127s.rom.
4) Then i will restart Windows (while the desk is in).

5) then i will excute the Flashing Utility to see
what is going to happen?

Any thing else? any other suggetions?

mary_MAuthor Commented:
The Boot disk should also contain the
flashing utility AND the new  *.rom  file.

Ok.. the boot disk is NOT enough!!

Do you think that i can delete some files
from the boot disk .. to free up space for
the flashing utility and the 2k1127s.rom file?

or there is other soultion?

AMINF332.EXE  (the flashing utility,  517 KB)
2k1127s.rom   (The new BIOS version, 512 KB)
1029 KB  (these two files only!)

The BOOT disk:
total size:  1.28  MB

01) ATTRIB.EXE      14.8 KB
02) CHKDSK.EXE      27.4 KB
03) DELTREE.EXE     18.6 KB
04) FDISK.EXE       62.4 KB
05) LABEL.EXE       9.10 KB
06) MEM.EXE         31.3 KB
07) MOVE.EXE        26.6 KB
08) MSCDEX.EXE      24.8 KB
09) SCANDISK.EXE    140  KB
10) SCANREG.EXE     161  KB
11) SMARTDRV.EXE    44.3 KB
12) XCOPY.EXE       3.78 KB
13) XCOPY32.EXE     3.78 KB
14) DRVSPACE.BIN    67.2 KB
15) SCANDISK.INI    7.15 KB
16) EDIT.HLP        10.5 KB
17) COMMAND.COM     91.6 KB
18) DISKCOPY.COM    21.4 KB
19) EDIT.COM        68.2 KB
20) FORMAT.COM      48.4 KB
21) SYS.COM         18.5 KB
22) AUTOEXEC.BAT    45 bytes
23) CD1.SYS         33.4 KB
24) CD2.SYS         16.1 KB
25) CD3.SYS         19.5 KB
26) CD4.SYS         40.3 KB
27) CONFIG.SYS      377 bytes
28) HIMEM.SYS       32.4 KB
29) IO.SYS          217  KB
30) MSDOS.SYS       6 bytes
31) MTMCDAI.SYS     61.1 KB
32) XCOPY32.MOD     40.5 KB

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Mary M,  No big deal....throw the flash util and rom on an empty floppy, boot with the boot disk, and switch floppies after boot.  Or create just a plain jane boot disk with io.sys msdos.sys and command.com
just go to format A: /s
will make a plane jane.  Or else you should be able to remove almost everything off that one boot disk you have now and keep the three above mentioned files and any other HIDDEN ones if there are any on that disk and you should be good to go.
mary_MAuthor Commented:
Hi Wakeup,

Are you sure that i can safely switch the two disks?
i other words.. shall i need the boot disk While/or after flashing the bios?

I thought about the plain jane boot disk... but was afraid of
need other files other than the system files
(when i do the format A: /s )

So, the best thing for me is to do it using two diffrent disks..
but is that safe?

sorry for asking too much questions...
as said, its my first time! :)


mary_MAuthor Commented:
Hi Wakeup  ..

I did it, and it was succesful...

Now the MB detects my new 40GB HD (which was the oreginal
reason for upgrading) The old version supports only up to 10GB

But the DMA at the new version supports up to 80.

Well, i think that will be all... thanks again for walking me through this.

Best regards,

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Great!  Glad to hear it worked out for you!
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