NT 4.0 workstation OEM product key

I have lost the NT 4.0 workstation OEM product key, do any one provide a key even it is a test key, thanks
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stevenlewisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
call M$, they will give you one. You will have to prove that you have a legal copy

It is against EE rules for us to give you a key
Word to the the wise.

For an OEM key, I don't think MS will provide it.  You'll have to go to whomever it was who sold it to you.

I don't know that, but I'm fairly sure of it.
There are plenty of sites out there (illegal ones mind you) that provide you with the key to any OS.  Sorry, but can't mention those here.  Just do a search in www.GOOGLE.com for those

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they are also in the registry, if you already have it installed
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Gareth GudgerCommented:
A TEST key we used to use for OEM was to enter all 1's and 2's in the boxes. I think you put all 1's in the first box and all 2's in the second box and it gives you 120 day evalaution.
> There are plenty of sites out there (illegal

Note, BSA and others know as well,
there are track and trace options looking at access to 'suspects', if one 'likes' to join up on lists
> For an OEM key, I don't think MS will provide it.

But if you properly registered it to MS after purchase, one would think that they should.

Did you complete registration forms? Then call MS and let us know how well (or not) they respond to their customers. They keep telling judges we love their support, don't they?
SunBow comments:

But if you properly registered it to MS after purchase, one would think that they should.

Here's how Microsoft explained it to me a LONG time ago (2 or 3 months prior to the release of Win95):

When Microsoft signs an OEM agreement with a manufacturer, part of the agreement allows the manufacturer to customize the installation CD to suit the computer line for which that version of Windows is intended.  Microsoft cannot and does not track that customization, and so cannot provide the installation media for it.

As a result, for an OEM CD, it is up to the manufacturer to provide it in accordance with whatever agreement it has with the customer.

There's nothing wrong with asking Microsoft.  But I think the answer will be, "No".
gracewAuthor Commented:
I have contact Microsoft before, they refuse to provide the test key, that is the responsibility of the hardware provider.

The product key divided into 3 group, I try to use all 1's in 1st group, all 2's in 2&3 group, but still fail.
Does the amchine boot now? if so it's in the registry
One from another OEM machine will work
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