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Can't See win95 on network

Posted on 2002-03-18
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Last Modified: 2011-08-18
I have a small internal network that consists of three computers this one win 2000 pro, my old desk top thats win 98 SE, and my laptop which is win95b, when there on, I can see the win98 box with win 2000, and with the laptop, but I can't see the laptop on the win 2000 pro box, and I also can't see the win 2000 box while on the 95 box. I can't seem to figure out how to fix this, so I am awarding it hard, when in acuality, it can't be that hard to figure out, I just need an answer.

Question by:petrynagroup
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Check the protocols you've got set up on the three machines (Network control panel on Win95: Network Connections->Local Area Connection on Win2K). Win95 used NetBEUI as its default protocol, Windows 2000 uses TCP/IP, and I think Win98 tended to install both, so you need to make sure they're all talking in the same language before they'll see each other.

Personally I'd recommend setting them all as TCP/IP, since NetBEUI is a really clunky protocol.
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Sounds like a browse master problem:

Make win 2000 Pro the browse master (go to start |  run and type   services.msc   computer browser - make it automatic.
In win98/95 turn off browse master - in network properties - make sure that you have file/printer sharing there and within the properties disable browse master.

Also check your bindings under TCP/IP to make sure you have file/printer sharing checked.


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If you just can't see the Win95 system it may be just a simple as sharing something for your network to access. Your system may then be visible.
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I believe the above comments on network protocols and master browser issue is correct here but no body has posted information on how to fix it.

In all operating systems you will have a network icon in your control panel.

win2k will have more options but what you will have to change is common to each.

1, remove all protocols other than tcp/ip

in the tcp/ip properties you are going to have to give each machine a unique address.
Make sure you are changing the tcp/ip properties for the network card and not dialup networking if installed.

win2k will be subnet mask
win98 will be subnet mask
win95 will be subnet mask
This is the only options you need to fill in and I strongly suggest you use these particular numbers.

in win98/95 ensure the microsoft networking client is installed. For win2k security purposes you are going to have to have access passwords so you will need to login to win98/95.

You can simplify this by logging into win9# with the same username and paswword you use in win2k

Each machine is to be a part of a workgroup of the same name.

Once having done that you need to adress the master browser issue. There are a few registry options that can be modified to force a master browser but if you follow the these guidlines you will not have to change these.

win98/95 tend to begrudgingly become boss  browser information store of a network if after a period of time ( up to 10 mins) they can't find another machine thats got this information. In the mean time you get " unable to browse network" errors.

On the other hand win2k pro is quite happy to take charge in a win9# network.

Since you have 3 machines i would suggest that each time you get win2k running first before starting the other machines.

This way when they come online they assume slave status quickly.

If you are having further problems after this. Post information on any errors encountered and i can give you information on diagnosing network faults

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Jesus netmage - you do not have to be so rude. I still stand behind having to disable browse master on the 95/98 machines.

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shekerra, i did not mean to be rude to you and posted more info in support to clarify how the master browser system works without having to change default windows settings.

I don't wish to get into an arguement however feel it must be said that if you permanently turn off the win95/98 master browser option then without win2k online the other machines will not function as a network together.

perhaps using a tool in win2k NBTSTAT -c ( used to view other computer nebios names in cache)at the command prompt after all machines have been online for a while will determine the browser list problem but i suggest using this after the tcp/ip protocol has been properly setup and "ping" tested.

I would assume that "petrynagroup" will needs this information to follow up on your first comment.

One comment i forgot to mention is that in the win2k network settings,  enable "netbios over tcp/ip".

shekerra, again i am sorry if i offended you but for 200 points i tend to feel that the questioner has a right to expect a complete path to follow including how to diagnose the problem followed by a detailed fix.


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Sorry too netmage - I must be sensitive tonight!
Anyway on the Dew Associates network - we had no option but to turn off the w98 browse masters on the network (mixed NT/2000Pro/XP)  Leaving browse master on in 98 created hella network traffic --
When I put my 2000 Adv. server back up I'll test using QOS and turn the 98 BM's back on -
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