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I would like to set my printer so that it always prints in draft mode when I use my e-mail appliction (Outlook 2000). My printer is a Canon S450 and I'm using Windows XP

I once saw an article which described a way to have a second printer instance which would could be set to the black & white draft mode.  This could me made the default printer and the normal printer could then be selected only when using applications where printing is to be in color, etc. Unfortunately, I don't remember how to do this.

Any information on this would be appreciated.
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5thcavConnect With a Mentor Commented:
reinstall your printer and give it a new name

it might iven use the same drives onyour system if not it will just copy new drivers to the same location and not effect your current printer settings. both printer icons will use the same drivers.

at this point you can configure each printer in a defrent way but only one can be the defualt.

you will still have to select the printer with the draft settings.

good luck
5th is right, but here are some step by step instuctions.

add printer
follow instructions to add the printer as normal (may need file for Driver, I skipped the files and it still installed since it's the same printer)

Once installed (no need to change name unless for your own identification) right click on the printer and you can change the printer settings such as B&W or draft.

You can then make either printer the default.

This works in Windows 98SE (I just tried it)
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