USB to RJ-45 Connectivity


I need a solution for a two way sattilite modem/transciever. The device connects with a USB interface.
I want to connect this device to a Watchguard SOHO firewall/VPN device. The Watchguard hardware does not support USB.
What options if any would I have to connect this stuff together?
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ComplyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can load just the services you want to use. Thier are a few trimmed down versions of Linux you can use.
I dont belive it is possible i'm afraid. Although i am open to correction.

There is this device :

but i am not sure if it will work for a satellite modem.

More can be found on this at this page :

Hope that helps somewhat

You can get a USB- To -RJ45 converter to do the job.
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chessAuthor Commented:
Yes.... but that device needs a driver and a driver cannot be loaded onto the router.
You could setup a cheap PII 333 machine as a router. Load Linux on it put 10/100 NIC in it and just loop through the Box back to the watchdog. That would get your USB Sattilite to RJ45.
chessAuthor Commented:
Wouldn't I have to load a full config of Linux on the hard drive for it to suppport USB tho?
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