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Hi all,
Don't know I am on the right topic, but here is my question.

I can receive mails from my own domain with the help of POP a/c of yahoo/hotmail etc. But I need to send mails also. Now is there a free web based solution from where I can send mails from my own domain address and the receiver would know its coming from my own domain a/c and not from my hotmail/yahoo a/c ?
I can not setup outlook to use SMTP at my work place. They won't let me do that.

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omkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You mean your domain is located somewhere in Internet?
I guess you can, again the point is that connection from your workplace to any outer host is only available thru http.
Also please double check, because most ports are closed, it is VERY high probability that they have logs and monitor users activity.
Create a session in cdo obj (not cdo for nts)

currentSession.Logon( profileName , profilePassword, ProfileInfo )

profileInfo = <server name> & vbLf & <mailbox name>

after logon
Get the Inbox Folder object from the Session object.
Get the Messages Collection object from the Inbox Folder object.
Get the Message object from the Messages Collection object

InBox = (cdo.Folder) CurrentSession.getInbox().getDispatch()
InMessageCollection = (cdo.Messages) InBox.getMessages().getDispatch()    

   OutBox = (cdo.Folder) CurrentSession.getOutbox().getDispatch()
   OutMessageCollection = (cdo.Messages) OutBox.getMessages().getDispatch()    

CurrentMessage = (cdo.Message) InMessageCollection.getItem(Index).getDispatch()

   Subject = CurrentMessage.getSubject()
   SubjectString = Subject.getString()    
   Text = CurrentMessage.getText()
   TextString = Text.getString()
jitgangulyAuthor Commented:
Please provide me some ready made component or url of a site
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It is not possible to do this from your unmodified yahoo/hotmail/etc account. But possible in general.
You need to change your smtp address to any available SMTP server, which allows rerouting.
In Outlook open new message click View and check From field, it should appear on the form. Type any address you like.
jitgangulyAuthor Commented:
As I told you I can not use Outlook to change my SMTP at my work place. Your suggestions works fine with any ISP's at home, but at my work place I have to know SMTP server name and my domain mails should reroute through that
I still do not understand what you need.
To send email from your workplace from a client other than Outlook, and your return address should be still the same as you have in Outlook?
Or you have only access to HTTP?
Can you telnet to 25 port of any available SMTP server?
Some details will help.
jitgangulyAuthor Commented:
How do I do that ?
My problem is : I need to send my mails from my own domain mail a/c from my workplace.
I can do the same from my home by using SMTP mail settings of my ISP. But at my workplace how do I change it so that receiver knows it is coming from my own domain ?
So you need to send email from your own email account when you at work?
The solution depends what you allowed to do.
1. The easiest way is to use web access to your email account. You need to check if your ISP has one. It is similar to yahoo webemail.
2. As I understand you are not allowed to create additional account in your Outlook. The question is can you configure then oulook express or any other email client.
3 The bottom line. Use telnet <your ISP smtp server> 25
This is an example of a possible dialog:
Type: helo and your email account name.

You will get the message: 250 <SMTP server> Hello (your computer name; your ip address). Pleased to meet you.

Type "mail from:" and hit enter. You will get the message: Sender ok

Type "RCPT to:" and hit enter. You will get the message: 250 recipient@recipient ok

Type "Data" and hit enter. You will get a message saying 354 Enter mail, ending with "." on a line by itself

Type in your message using the format:
SUBJECT: Your subject
Your message to the recipient
Type in a dot (.) on a line by itself:
You will get the message:
250 LAAO4O80 message accepted for delivery

jitgangulyAuthor Commented:
Well, this also did not work. Becuase I can not use SMTP service from my work place.
I found out a free component Jmail and need to write some ASP pages to use that.
The pop3 component would be available in this component and SMTP part I can use CDO object.
You certainly can use any free components and CDO objects,
but if you can not access you mail server with a raw telnet session, it means that you have firewall with smtp port blocked, (very strange, high security measure), in such a case your other actions will be not fruitful, but dangerous, because it may be violation of your company policy with all consequences.
jitgangulyAuthor Commented:
Well, omk. I do not have time to write ASP pages with Jmail now, but tell me one thing, If I write a ASP page (with Jmail POP component) and upload it to  my domain will I be able to retrieve mails just like hotmail/yahoo ?
jitgangulyAuthor Commented:
Yes my domain is located somewhere on the net. I will write a test ASP page and will get back to you sometime in next week.
jitgangulyAuthor Commented:
Well, I don't have time now, accepting your comments. But don't forget to helo me out later :-)
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