using CRichEditCtrl::FindText ..

hi all!

I have build my own Find/Replace dialog ( derived from CDialog class) to search into a CRichEditCtrl .
now, everything is working just fine except 1 thing: how can implement "direction up" option ?? I mean to search from the current position to the beginning of the document ?? .. FindText method can't do it ..

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The documentation on CRichEditCtrl::FindText says

Call this function to find text within the rich edit control. You can search either up or down by setting the proper range parameters in theCHARRANGE structure within the FINDTEXTEX structure.

I assume this means you just reverse the values of
cpMin & cpMax to search up.


dragoshAuthor Commented:
hi ggrundy

i've try that and it doesn't help ... in this way I set the range of text where to search , but NOT the "direction up" .. if I set cpMin = 0 and cMax let's say 1000 (current position) and click Find next I get the first match from the beginning of the document, not first match from current position ..

any ideas ??

Are you saying that you have tried

cpMin = nCurrentPosition;
cpMax = 0;

and it doesn't work???
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dragoshAuthor Commented:
hi ggrundy

yes: it returns -1 ..
Here's an answer (AND IT's NOT PRETTY). :-(

The following code...
int n;
m_edit.SetWindowText("When your mom is mad with your dad, don't let her brush your hair.");
FINDTEXT range = {{0,0},"your"};
while((n = m_edit.SendMessage(EM_FINDTEXT, 0, (LPARAM)&range))!=-1){
  TRACE("text found at %d\n",n);
  range.chrg.cpMin = n;
Produces the following output...
text found at 56
text found at 26
text found at 5
Indicating that indeed you can search backwards by swapping the cpMin & cpMax values around, BUT....

a) you can't use -1 to indicate the end of the file; and
b) you can't use version 1.0 of the rich edit control.
Because I created my Rich Edit control using the dialog resource editor I had to subsequently manually edit my .rc file as text and change
this line

to this

in order to be using version 2 of the rich text control.
(Hint use Spy++ to check the class of your rich text window).

Cheers Greg


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dragoshAuthor Commented:
sorry about rejecting your answer ..

it works only with version 2 of rich text control ?
dragoshAuthor Commented:
hi again

in MSDN says about this .. in Rich Edit 2.0 or later - FR_DOWN etc.

i'am using CRichEditCtrl 1.0 , so that's way it doesn't work... i'll cosider to use 2.0

10x for your tips
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