Suppress Rows in Cross Tab Reports

Posted on 2002-03-20
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
I have a cross tab report that, that breaks/groups on a field,
I only want to see the column header & Column totals for each break/group, no row totals and no rows for the group!

I know in a regular report I just suppress the rows and they wont show. How do you do this in Cross tabs? If at all.

Question by:ewalsh
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Please see the following from Crystal Help to see if helps:

Suppressing Cross-Tab data
This section provides you with the steps required to suppress data in your report. You can suppress:

Empty rows and columns
Row and column grand totals
Subtotals and their labels.
To suppress empty rows and columns
Right-click the blank top-left area of the Cross-Tab and select Format Cross-Tab from the shortcut menu.
The Cross-Tab dialog box appears.

Click the Customize Style tab.
Select either the Suppress Empty Rows or Suppress Empty Columns check box.
Click OK.
Now, when you print the report, empty rows and/or columns will not appear.

To suppress row and column grand totals
Right-click the blank top-left area of the Cross-Tab and select Format Cross-Tab from the shortcut menu.
The Cross-Tab dialog box appears.

Click the Customize Style tab.
Select either the Suppress Row Grand Totals or Suppress Column Grand Totals check boxes.
Click OK.
To suppress subtotals and labels
If you have more than two groups in your Cross-Tab you can suppress the subtotal and label for one of them.

Right-click the blank top-left area of the Cross-Tab and select Format Cross-Tab from the shortcut menu.
The Format Cross-Tab dialog box appears.

Click the Customize Style tab.
Click the field whose subtotal you want to suppress.
The Suppress Subtotal and the Suppress Label check boxes become active.

In the Group Options area select the Suppress Subtotal check box.
Click the Suppress Label check box to suppress the label associated with subtotal.
Click OK.

Let me know if this does not address your issue and we'll see what else we can do.

Good Luck

Author Comment

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No, I read that already. The rows & columns are full of data, however the end user doesn't care about the detail, Its the bottom line (grand total) for the columns in each group that they need.
Just printing the entire report and ignoring the detail wouldn't work either since it would be over 100+ pages to print. By surpressing the row details and just printing the Column grand totals for each group would only be like 3-4 pages. So it would save alot of trees!
I know I can do this in MS Access and maybe forced to do so, This should be an easy thing to do, many people must only care about the bottom line of a cross tab report and don't need to see the detail, you can do it in C.R. in non-cross tab reports, can't see why not in cross tab reports.

Accepted Solution

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Hi "ewalsh"

There is a easy solution for your problem.

Identify the field that is creating rows. i.e. the field which is selected in the "rows" area in the format CrossTab window. Let's say this field is Row_field.
The distinct values in this Row_field column is creating different rows. If this field contain one value then we will get only one row. This is how CrossTab works.

Now we play a tric with CrossTab. We will create a formula field named "Dummy_Row_field"like this

if Row_field = "ewalsh" then "Grand Total"
else "Grand Total"

Now include the folmula as the row in the crosstab and remove "Row_field" from there. Also check the "suppress row grand totals" check box.

Make sure that the summary operation is SUM.

Now you will get only one row.

You can modify you report like this to get the desired result.


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Have you solved that problem !!


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