Connect XP to Novell

When adding Windows Xp to Novell Domain the xp client cannot see the Novell domain controller.  Error staing password and user name not part of this domain.  How do I make this work correctly??
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geoffrynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Good point.  Are you using the Novell Client for XP?
First off - you may be a bit confused - there is no "domain" in NetWare.  Can you provide the exact error message?  What exactly is your setup and scenario??
christophmAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys! - I am a real Novell novice.

Network name is 'Admin'.  XP box freezes up when trying to login, message "Novell Server does not exist"

We do have the latest Novell client for XP.  The server is at Novell V3.1x

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Did you click on advanced and enter the server name?  When you installed the client did you select IPX as the protocol type?
One thing to watch out for is the built-in firewall options. They may be preventing network operation.

Check in the connection properties under the advanced tab, untick the internet connection firewall.

Also ensure you have the novel service bound to that NIC card.
ICF only work with IP and you can only talk to a Novell 3.1x server via IPX, so that odds of the firewall having anything to do with this is slim.
Is the frame type correct?
christophmAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions - I am asking this question for a friend/coworker.  I will have him check your comments and see if they set him straight.  I will not forget this posting but it may be a couple of days before I am back.

thanks again - chris-m
christophmAuthor Commented:
Hi Stevenlewis   Scraig84   Geoffryn   Ukwizard thanks for
your suggestions.  I posted that question to help a friend but he is not giving much attention to this problem.  (I am an MFC programmer so this is all over my head!).

In the interest of closing this question I am awarding the points to 'geoffryn' who gave me the most attention.  In the interest of fairness I posted an empty question for 100 points for my other three commenters/helpers (scraig84, Ukwizard, and stevenlewis).

Sorry my buddy didn't tend to business  !!!   - Hope this is satisfactory to all.  chris miller
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