Using a font, but what name to call?

In my program, I need to use some font, but I am not sure what name I should call them.

For Example, I have a Font Called "Good Times" on my computer, I try to set"GoodTimes", or "GoodTime" (The file name), or "Good Times" "Good Time", all not working.....

Font like "Times New Roman", I use the name "Times" (File Name)is OK.

How would I know What name to call a Font???

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mulletboy2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try looking in your registry, key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Font Mapping - If it's in there, the logged on user has permission to use it, and you should see that Name "Times New Roman" maps to data "Times". My guess is that if you use the same process for "Good Times" you'll get the right name to use. Although whether or not the COM/IIS can use it is a different matter I would think.

Be careful about what fonts you call. If the fonts do not exist on the users machine, the user's browser will attempt to find the closest font--often with unpredictable results.

You'd be best to stay with basic fonts to avoid this problem.

Fritz the Blank
You might also try going to your font folder in the control panel, and then copy and paste the font name into your code.

Fritz the Blank
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anguslaiAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did. I use exacted the font name in the font folder, and also tried font file name, but some font work, some font not work.
Are you sure that you want to proceed? Your page will not display correctly on any machine that does not have your font installed--this is a function of the client's machine, not the configuration of the server.

Fritz the Blank
anguslaiAuthor Commented:
I am doing a server side graphic process, so the font won't make problem even visitor don't have the font.
Are you using a Mac or a PC?

I am wondering if there is a problem based on whether the font is True Type, Postscript, Multiple Master and etc.

Fritz the Blank
What kind of server side graphic process? Do you have the appropriate permissions to do things like install fonts (I doubt it)?

If you want a font on the server, you'll need to install it. If you want a font for the user, they'll need to install it or you'll need to set up the webpage using a dynamic fonts technique (and they're tricky).
anguslaiAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

1) I Installed the fonts on the server with permission
2) The Graphic Process (Not neccessary ASP, can be VB Application) will use the font and create graphic. The process work on most font.
3) Example A) "Times New Roman" with the file name "Times.ttf", I set the Fontname = "Times", it works.
Case B) "Helvetica", the file name is "Helr45w.ttf", this time, I need to set Fontname="Helvetica" to make it work.
Case C: "Good Times", file name is "GoodTime.ttf" (Ture Type Font), as I said, no matter ho wI set it, it still not work.
4) I am using win2000

My Basic Question is: How I know what name to call a font?
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