import Outlook msf to Lotus client...

Hello all,

Our sales force uses Lotus (r5) as mail client.
We don't use Lotus as mail server but Exchange. Lotus
is configured in the way to send/receive via Exchange
SMTP/POP connector.

Some of them used to work with Outlook and they have
a lot of messages they don't want ot lose.
I have saved these messages in a PST file.

Is there any way to import this PST except via telephone
(They have too many messages to import).

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HemanthaKumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a question similar to yours, in which the solution was nupgrade. It describes how it works and what should be done to read the mail.

Question: Exchange Migration to Lotus Notes Date: 03/20/2002 06:23AM PST  
From: tjpoet
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My client has asked to migrate from Exhcange 5.5 to lotu domino r5. We cannot use Domino Upgrade Services
to connect directly to existing exchange servers. We are being given approx 40gb of PST files exported
from Exchange.

Does anyone know of another bulk import solution for PST files to Lotus domino?

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From: HemanthaKumar Date: 03/21/2002 09:08AM PST
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From: HemanthaKumar  Date: 03/21/2002 09:08AM PST  
This is my understanding of the tool, let me share it with you.

Whenever you issue this command it will look for outlook.pst.

And it will look for keyfilename in notes.ini and accordingly it will create the file in mail folder.

What you have to do is move outlook.pst (let us name it as original) file to some backup dir. Then copy
one pst file and rename it to outlook.pst. Then perform the upgrade, the mails will be transfered to
a predefined file depending upon the id. Rename it to User1.nsf. Then remove outlook.pst and copy second
pst and again perform the same operation. After everything is done let the users have their outlook
to notes mail files and copy it to the mail database. Then restore the original outlook.pst.

This is little tedious and time consuming. If you want to look for tool to do this then search this

From: HemanthaKumar  Date: 03/20/2002 06:43AM PST  
Goto Command Prompt and switch to notes executable directory and give this command, nupgrade 3

If the system complain of not finding the file then re-install the notes clien with migration tools
checked on.

Then run nupgrade 3 and follow the prompts accordingly.


From: tjpoet  Date: 03/20/2002 08:25AM PST  
I thought this facility just allows a notes client to import an archive PST.

I want to be able to import numerious users into notes, from separate single PST files, into seperate
Users notes mailboxes. Is this what it does?
From: tjpoet  Date: 03/21/2002 09:27AM PST  
hmmm, I would really like a batch method as there are a few hundred to do, in one weekend. :|  
From: HemanthaKumar  Date: 03/21/2002 11:18AM PST  
Sorry ! That is the solution I have.

Did you try the steps and did it yield the results as you expected ?  
From: tjpoet  Date: 03/22/2002 12:29AM PST  

Thanks for your efforts. I have suggested this to the notes guys and they say, we will use Domino Upgrade
Services to talk directly to the exchange directory.

You can have the points anyway for you troubles.


From: HemanthaKumar  Date: 03/22/2002 06:23AM PST  

Note sure, what you are upto.

Do you want to convert pst files to notes mail file ???

Then user Domino Upgrade Service or outlook upgrade wizard

Check this link

Check Exchange migration at lotus link,

Also search for migration in Domino admin help.


If you want to copy pst file, then use ftp.

wwalschaertsAuthor Commented:

Yes I want to copy the PST file... in the laptop, not in a
Domino server (I don't have server).
All these sites concern the case we want to migrate from
Exchange to Domino server.
Copying the PST to the laptop is not a problem, files are
on a CD.
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So what is that you exactly looking for ?
wwalschaertsAuthor Commented:
Iam trying to be more clear :

people have :
- a laptop,
- Lotus notes installed,
- a CD with outlook archives (PST)

They want a way to read that PST file :
- from the CD or from the hard disk.

Hello WW,

I do not think there is a tool opening users pst files and moving anywhere.

Only realisting scenario is this:
User has on his laptop both installed: NotesClient and OutlookClient

In Notes clinet executables directory is the program: NUPGRADE.EXE
Invoke it with: nupgrade.exe 3

It should show you the dialog screen LotusNotesUpgradeserviceMSOutlookToNotes
Second screen is the selector of wath to migrate. And there you can select between MicrosoftOutlook or MSExchangeSettings

The only uption for you is moving the complete Outlook folders (with pst file opened in Outlook) to a Notes mailfile.

Therefore is my opinion that doing this by you for your customers would hardly work.

Do I miss something?

Hello WW,

If you are too generous to your customer, then this scenario would work.

1.) You get one, several, or all customer PST file to your workstation.
2.) You mount every PST file as different personal folder on your Outlook client.
3.) You start the conversion of mounted PST files by invoking: nupgrade.exe 3
4.) After every run of nupgrade you move the result file. Name of this conversion result file is: a_shortname.nsf
5.) In this result file (archive) are the former personal PST folder now organized as folders.
6.) You make as many copies of this archive as folders are present and delete in every copy all but one folder.
7.) Every copy with one folder give a new NSF name to have it distinguished name.
8.) Send this single folder NSF files to the customers.

This is a lot of work to do and only for someone who has to be punished for something really worse :-)

It is up to you to offer, or not to offer this service to customer.

Good luck,

PS: try first with three or less PST files to get some idea of tremendous time and disk space consumption of nupgrade.exe :-)

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