VC++ Error C2677 No Global Operator Found

In attempting to compile the following code (available at, I receive the following error message:

Error C2677: Binary '+': no global operator found which takes type 'PString' (or there is no acceptable conversion)

I'm looking to find out why I get the error, and how to fix it :)  Unfortunately, I can't modify anything except the PString class, so (for example)
Test(PString("001") + T1 + PString("002"));
wouldn't help me.

For reference, I'm using the following development platform:
Visual C++ 7
Windows XP Pro

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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ooops, that's why you need global operators, as the compiler cannot distinguish which class '+' belongs to - IOW, do NOT make them members of you class - use

class PString; // foward decl.
PString operator+(const PString&, const char*);
PString operator+(const char*, const PString&);

class PString {

friend PString operator+(const PString&, const char*);
friend PString operator + (const char*, const PString&);


// implementation
PString operator+(const PString&, const char*) {


PString operator+(const char*, const PString&) {

The error message is pretty on point - you are missing both

    PString operator + (const PString &InString, const char* psz);
    PString operator + (const char *InString, const PString& pstr);

Either make these operators members of your class or define two global 'operator+()' and make them a 'friend' of PString...
PhibianAuthor Commented:
Maybe I am missing something obvious here but if I do that I get:

error C2804: binary 'operator +' has too many parameters
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>>> Error

     Test( "001" + T1 + "\r\n");

>>> fix

     Test( CString("001") + T1 + "\r\n");
Sorry, I don't read your question carefully .

The jkr's comment works , for example

#include <fcntl.h>
#include <iostream.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#include "PString.h"

void Test(CString Input)
     cout << Input << endl;

// new code

PString operator + (const char *InString, const PString& pstr)
    return PString( (char *) InString) + pstr;

   // same as your code
PhibianAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much, it works now (I guess we all learn something new every day ;)
Thank you!

And thank you also for clarifying, thienpnguyen!
>>I guess we all learn something new every day ;)

I remember a proverb mentioning that if you stop to learn, it is a sure sign that you're dead...
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