dotnet studio conflicts with IIS5

I've had some problems with VS.NET.  When running an aspx page with code behind the form on a vb page, I get an error that the namespace.class (namespace of the project and class of the vb page) cannot be loaded.  I resolved this by reinstalling IIS.  But then some Net Windows components are missing so I have to reinstall Windows components and the problem comes back again.  I expect I will continue reinstalling until I find the problem in the process. Anyone, seen this problem or know of a solution?
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ptmcompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use any namespaces (e.g.:  namespace ExpertsExchange.InderDev.VSNET) But if you do so you need to include a using clause in the other modules (e.g.: using ExpertsExchange.InderDev.VSNET)
[Use the corresponding keywords for languagues different from C#.]
I think either you didn't deploy all the files (referenced assemblies) or something is wrong with the namespaces you used. Try to build a new sample project with a button and a label where the button changes the text of the label. Same problem?
Jon_RaymondAuthor Commented:
When I create a new project as you suggest, it works fine.  The namespace should be the project name, right.  Then the calss should be the class on the Code Behind page.  So, if these aitems are in place what could be wrong?  I still get this error in my project:
Parser Error Message: Could not load type 'music._default'.
music is the project and _default is the calss in the Code Behind page.
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Jon_RaymondAuthor Commented:
Ok.  That helps but now I get "Parser Error Message: The server block is not well formed."  Could it be an IIS problem?
Start with your initial solution (without the changes that ptmcomp proposed) and build you application first (via menu: Build > Build applicationName.

Check if you have a BIN-folder containing the file applicationName.DLL

Note: applicationName should be the name of your application.
Jon_RaymondAuthor Commented:
Yes the dlls are there.  Seems I can solve it by building a clean solution.  There may have been other solutions in the tree structure causing the problem.  If I create a new solution with no other solutions in it's tree the problem seems to disappear.
Jon_RaymondAuthor Commented:
May have been an early bug.  No problems with VS.Net 2003
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