Installing Dummy Printer

Hi Experts,

I'm installing a webserver using Installshield.
Three things get installed, our components (VB Dll's), our pages (ASP) and scripts to update the database.  Works ...
Plus, InstallShield checks if ADO is installed, the VB run time, ...

We install an InstallShield Component, which are the Run time files for Active Reports.  Works ...

We use Active Reports to create PDF reports.  It has it's own DLL for writing PDF.

BUT, the Active Reports will only generate a report when there's a default printer installed on the machine.  Whatever printer, but there must be one.  And since it's installed on servers, that's not always the case.  We could install one ourselves, but if there's a trick, we'll use the trick ...

Is there a way to install a dummy printer by adding things in the registry eg.?  The dummy printer may be whatever type or brand.
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I would Add a Printer using the Generic Text Printer driver which exists in all versions of windows. Set it to print to a file.
You should be able to do this as part of the install.

This will satisfy your requirements for a printer.

I hope this helps !
vindevogelAuthor Commented:
I would satisfy my requirements, but, this has to be done during the setup of Windows, right ?

I cannot be sure of that, so I would like to do that from my installation through InstallShield.
vindevogelAuthor Commented:
That would satisfy ...
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You should be able to add a printer in install shield automatically, if the printer driver is available.

installshield should also be able to check for an exising printer.

I hope this helps !
vindevogelAuthor Commented:
Would, should and could are three brothers, but I'm looking for the sister: done.
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Thank you everyone.
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From: SysExpert
                                                            Date: 04/02/2002 12:47PM PST
               This may not be easy since you also have to have the drivers available for a printer.
               Even the generic text printer requires a driver.

               Since I do not think that you are allowed to distribute MS drivers or others, then just a register change
               may not be sufficient.

               I hope this helps !
vindevogelAuthor Commented:
No, not really ...

Do you mind if I delete the question ??
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