Constant 0x9c Errors (BSOD+reboot)

This happens while playin DirectX games.

This is a MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION,  I dont know which hardware though (want to find that out.)
I dont even know if this is a driver issue or hardware fault.   And having both an early VIA motherboard and a nVidia graphics card the general buglistings are huge :)
(can't find though anything specific to this error)

Can anyone help me decipher which hardware is at fault?

This is the output of the dump using dumpchk.exe -v

** Windows 2000 Crash Dump Analysis
Filename . . . . . . .Mini032202-03.dmp
Signature. . . . . . .PAGE
ValidDump. . . . . . .DUMP
MajorVersion . . . . .free system
MinorVersion . . . . .2195
DirectoryTableBase . .0x08d4b000
PfnDataBase. . . . . .0x82b47000
PsLoadedModuleList . .0x8046ccf0
PsActiveProcessHead. .0x8046dbe0
MachineImageType . . .i386
NumberProcessors . . .1
BugCheckCode . . . . .0x0000009c
BugCheckParameter1 . .0x00000001
BugCheckParameter2 . .0x00000000
BugCheckParameter3 . .0xb2000000
BugCheckParameter4 . .0x00000115

ExceptionCode. . . . .0x80000003
ExceptionFlags . . . .0x00000001
ExceptionAddress . . .0x80062bd6

Module ntoskrnl.exe loaded at 0x80400000
Module hal.dll loaded at 0x80062000
Module BOOTVID.DLL loaded at 0xeb810000
Module ACPI.sys loaded at 0xbffd8000
Module WMILIB.SYS loaded at 0xeb9c8000
Module pci.sys loaded at 0xeb400000
Module isapnp.sys loaded at 0xeb410000
Module MountMgr.sys loaded at 0xeb680000
Module ftdisk.sys loaded at 0xbffbb000
Module Diskperf.sys loaded at 0xeb900000
Module dmload.sys loaded at 0xeb902000
Module dmio.sys loaded at 0xbff99000
Module PartMgr.sys loaded at 0xeb814000
Module viaide.sys loaded at 0xeb904000
Module PCIIDEX.SYS loaded at 0xeb688000
Module daemon.sys loaded at 0xbff87000
Module SCSIPORT.SYS loaded at 0xbff75000
Module atapi.sys loaded at 0xbff60000
Module viadsk.sys loaded at 0xeb420000
Module disk.sys loaded at 0xeb690000
Module CLASSPNP.SYS loaded at 0xeb430000
Module KSecDD.sys loaded at 0xbff4e000
Module Ntfs.sys loaded at 0xbfecb000
Module NDIS.sys loaded at 0xbfea3000
Module viaagp1.sys loaded at 0xeb698000
Module Mup.sys loaded at 0xbfe8d000
Module mpegport.sys loaded at 0xeb440000
Module VIDEOPRT.SYS loaded at 0xeb480000
Module nv4_mini.sys loaded at 0xbfd94000
Module USBD.SYS loaded at 0xeb748000
Module uhcd.sys loaded at 0xeb738000
Module DM9PCI5.SYS loaded at 0xeb758000
Module mxnic.sys loaded at 0xeb768000
Module KS.SYS loaded at 0xbfc93000
Module portcls.sys loaded at 0xbfcb1000
Module emu10k1f.sys loaded at 0xbfcd6000
Module sfman.sys loaded at 0xeb490000
Module EFS.SYS loaded at 0xeb718000
Module ctlface.sys loaded at 0xeb910000
Module ctljystk.sys loaded at 0xeb9d4000
Module gameenum.sys loaded at 0xeb890000
Module rmquasar.sys loaded at 0xbfc2b000
Module fdc.sys loaded at 0xeb7c8000
Module parport.sys loaded at 0xeb7d8000
Module i8042prt.sys loaded at 0xeb4a0000
Module mouclass.sys loaded at 0xeb7f0000
Module kbdclass.sys loaded at 0xeb800000
Module audstub.sys loaded at 0xeb9d5000
Module rasl2tp.sys loaded at 0xeb4b0000
Module ndistapi.sys loaded at 0xeb89c000
Module ndiswan.sys loaded at 0xbfc15000
Module TDI.SYS loaded at 0xeb8ac000
Module raspptp.sys loaded at 0xeb4c0000
Module ptilink.sys loaded at 0xeb6d0000
Module raspti.sys loaded at 0xeb6e0000
Module parallel.sys loaded at 0xeb4d0000
Module Cdr4_2K.SYS loaded at 0xeb4e0000
Module cdrom.sys loaded at 0xeb710000
Module Cdralw2k.SYS loaded at 0xeb728000
Module swenum.sys loaded at 0xeb9d6000
Module update.sys loaded at 0xbfbf6000
Module usbhub.sys loaded at 0xeb500000
Module flpydisk.sys loaded at 0xeb7a0000
Module NDProxy.SYS loaded at 0xeb5b0000
Module Fs_Rec.SYS loaded at 0xeb922000
Module Null.SYS loaded at 0xeb9d7000
Module Beep.SYS loaded at 0xeb9d8000
Module viapfd.sys loaded at 0xeb9d9000
Module vga.sys loaded at 0xeb8d4000
Module mnmdd.SYS loaded at 0xeb9da000
Module Msfs.SYS loaded at 0xeb7d0000
Module Npfs.SYS loaded at 0xeb5c0000
Module rasacd.sys loaded at 0xeb92a000
Module tcpip.sys loaded at 0xbea3f000
Module msgpc.sys loaded at 0xeb5d0000
Module wanarp.sys loaded at 0xeb700000
Module netbt.sys loaded at 0xbea1b000
Module netbios.sys loaded at 0xeb5e0000
Module rdbss.sys loaded at 0xbe959000
Module mrxsmb.sys loaded at 0xbe8e9000
Module Fastfat.SYS loaded at 0xbe8c6000
Module dump_scsiport.sys loaded at 0xbeaee
Module dump_viadsk.sys loaded at 0xeb60000
Module win32k.sys loaded at 0xa0000000
Module nv4_disp.dll loaded at 0xbc335000
Module afd.sys loaded at 0xbc17e000
Module ParVdm.SYS loaded at 0xeb9c4000
Module Fips.SYS loaded at 0xbc1dc000
Module mbmiodrvr.sys loaded at 0xeb9dc000
Module PfModNT.sys loaded at 0xeb90e000
Module rmdvd.sys loaded at 0xeb914000
Module wdmaud.sys loaded at 0xbc053000
Module sysaudio.sys loaded at 0xbe9db000
Module SECDRV.SYS loaded at 0xeb798000
Module srv.sys loaded at 0xbbf2c000
Module Cdfs.SYS loaded at 0xbc20c000
Module ipnat.sys loaded at 0xbbffb000
Module ipsec.sys loaded at 0xbbbfc000
Module ATMFD.DLL loaded at 0xbae45000
Module kmixer.sys loaded at 0xbae21000
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Oli020398Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It seems that I fixed it.  

I took my computer apart.  Cleaned it,   re-arranged  the pci slot cards and took out a dx3 encore card I wasnt using.

Seems to be working fine now.

The following is an exerpt from the MS Kb;EN-US;q162363

The Pentium and Pentium Pro processors provide a mechanism to detect and to report hardware-related problems such as memory parity errors and cache errors. To signal a hardware error, the processor signals the detection of a machine check error by generating a machine check exception (Interrupt 18). Windows NT simply reports the fact that the error occurred and displays parameters that you can use to decode the exception. Contact your hardware vendor or processor manufacturer for information regarding the Machine Check Architecture or consult the Intel Pentium Pro Family Developer's Manual - Volume 3: Operating System Writer's Manual

The Crazy One
This is a hardware compatibility problem:

Since it happens when running DirectX, one would tend to suspect the video card/driver.
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Are you overclocking the CPU? If so this may be causing the problem.
Have you opened the Device Manager

Start > Run devmgmt.msc

And see if any conflicts are being reported there?
Be sure to your BIOS is up to date with the latest revision, I
If that doesn't work it is a possibility of MB, CPU, or memory.
Try this:
Disable the L2 cache to test if your BIOS permits it and see if the BSOD quits.
What mobo and bios version do you have?
Depending on the kind of VIA mainboard you have, a VIA chipset driver may get around problems (which are often AGP related). Try this:
 Start -> Run -> dxdiag (type this in), OK
 Display tab, disable AGP.
Now go and see whether the crash still happens. You may also want to update your nVidia drivers, the newest version if from 3/21/2002 (that is, two days old).
Change the memory and make sure the cooler on the processor is working---just my 2 cents worth ;o)
No comment has been added lately, so it's time to clean up this TA.
I will leave a recommendation in the Cleanup topic area that this question is:
[paq refund]
Please leave any comments here within the next seven days.
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EW, he checked the heat issue and cleaned the system, how can this be a pack no refund?
I took it to mean that he removed a dx3 encore card that was causing the bsod and it is a paq refund since he solved it himself
In that case, let's leave it to -  I disagree with you, how's that?
Sure, I have the utmost respect for you and your knowledge
Many times EW, there is communication via email on these issues that is not clearly reflected at the question itself. This is especially the case where some weirdo gives advise that renders a box unbootable and the person has no way back.
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