Posted on 2002-03-23
Last Modified: 2013-11-24
How do I write a servlet statement to insert data into the database and then redirect the form to another?
Question by:TreI
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Accepted Solution

bobbit31 earned 55 total points
ID: 6891306
something like this?

public class ClassName extends HttpServlet {

   public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res)
       throws ServletException, IOException {

     Class.forName("name of your driver").newInstance();

     Connection con;
     Statement stmt;

     con = DriverManager.getConnection("connection string to your db");

     stmt = con.createStatement();
     stmt.executeQuery("insert into ...");


     res.sendRedirect("page to redirect to");


Expert Comment

ID: 6891608
It is not a good architecture to implement SQLs in servlet.for J2EE try to follow MVC design pattern.IN that have a single servlet ..all JSPs should post/get to this servlet only then based on the request this servlet shoould call other java classes to do the work.One of those java class could implement the code mentioned above:

     Class.forName("name of your driver").newInstance();

    Connection con;
    Statement stmt;

    con = DriverManager.getConnection("connection string to your db");

    stmt = con.createStatement();
    resultset rs = stmt.executeQuery("insert into ...");


    and return the resultset  to the servlet...then in sevlet do redirection.
A better way of doing the same thing else you will end up making your servlet clumsy and heavy.


Expert Comment

ID: 6893384
See your other question that was left open:
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Expert Comment

ID: 6893602
public class MyFormServlet extends HttpServlet{
  /*No matter it comes from  get or post it would work
   public void service(HttpServletRequest
         Connection cn=X.getConnection();
         /*the above X could be a driverManager or a datasource depends what ya r using for locating ur specific database*/
        Statement st=cn.createStatement();
        st.execute("insert here")

        /* now if you just want to send it somewhere you can use res.sendRedirect() but this way you form data wont be available there on the redirected page. so if you are interested in processing the form data into another page that ofcourse should be part of the same context that is must be addressed as relative then you should use RequestDispathcer.forward() */

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ID: 6893699
Hi TreI
Don't you think that sometimes your questions should be closed? You have 5 open questions.

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ADMINISTRATION WILL BE CONTACTING YOU SHORTLY.  Moderators Computer101 or Netminder will return to finalize these if still open in seven days.  Please post closing recommendations before that time.

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Expert Comment

ID: 6956530

i believe my comment was what trel was looking for. I normally don't recommend myself but in this case i believe that my post was a valid solution. (even though it's not based on MVC architecture).  But i figure that if the user is asking this question then conforming to MVC is still a ways a way for him/her.


Expert Comment

ID: 6966215
Finalized today.  If Asker returns with additional needs in terms of your solution, please respond.
Thank you,
Moondancer - EE Moderator

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