Photoshop takes my resources from 80 percent to 32 anddoes not release

I recently installed Photoshop 6 and to my amazement, it will not let go of the resources, forcing me to reboot. Is there another way?

Gonzal13 (JOE)
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See the following info :

Free memory utility GDI resources memory leaks. Low system resources. Free system resources
From: ozphil    Date: 02/27/2001 04:45AM PST
                   Irwan, i'm after a permanent fix. I have a memory recovery tool from
From: irwank       Date: 02/27/2001 03:45AM PST
                   Have you try memory leak recovery tools?
                   I'm using AnalogX Maxmem (free).
                   Get it from
Hey, there are a lot of programs that do this. An excellent example, RAMPAGE.
                                                          Download it from or Set it when you want the RAM to be  freed. When the RAM drops down below that level, it automatically clears excess  memory. it is higly recommended.
There's a freeware utility called Optix, which will show you what applications are hogging your resources. Here's a link:


I hope this helps !
YOu mean after shutting down photoshop the resources stay at 32%?
gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
Yes: After closing Photoshop 6, the resources stay at 32 percent until I reboot. I could not find anything on Microsoft's Data Base
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That's unusual, Photoshop usually doesn't have memory leaks. You are letting the program fully load?
Sorry to say there isn't any utility the cleans up leaks of System Resources. I suspect there is a bug in the release version Photoshop you are using. There may be a patch available for it.

The Crazy One
Have you tried unistalling it Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and then rebooting and the reinstalling it. Something during the installation may gotten messed up somehow. I know it sounds weird but it does happen.
There is an update for it here, don't know it will fix your current problem or not.
Now are you absolutely sure that no other program running at the same time you have Photoshop open is partially responsible for this. Internet Explorer especially if it has many windows opens can cause System Resource reduction. Also Outlook Express can be a bit of a hog.

Is an anti virus program running while Photoshop is running? If so for testing purpose disable it and see what happens? Unfortunately graphics program do have a tendency to take a lot of System Resources especially if they are loading a lot of plugins. But I must admit losing almost 50% being caused by one program is a bit unheard of. Although I have done a lot of programming on Win98 and through a course of one session especially doing a lot of debugging would bring down the system resources rather drastically. Closing the Programming application would release most but not all of the resources. But eventually I needed to reboot to clean it up. Hence the main reason I migrated to Win2000 because it and XP virtually do away with the System Resources bugaboo. Maybe Photoshop is doing some debugging in the background that is causing this.
gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
To keep you up tp date with as much information as possible, here is the story:

Presently: Mem 608
Ram:           384
System Resources 17%

Runing one download program.

2gigs free on HD, Leting Windows run the virtual memory.

All above comments seem to be concerned with Ram which  have no problem with. The site is out of business.
Yeah like I said there are no utilities that will help free up System Resources. :>(

Have you tried any of the other suggestions yet?
Just some info on sys resources
It really doesn't matter how much memory and hard disk space you have when it comes to system resources (all computers have enough for them). Unfortunately, Windows can't use it all. The system resources are limited, not by the hardware, but the operating system.
Consider an OS that uses a two byte pointer (16 bits) to point to different items the OS uses. It can only point to 2^16=65536 different items no matter if you have the memory to handle much more. Of course another OS which uses a four byte pointer could point to 2^32 (4,294,967,296) different things.
System resources are areas of memory that are used by the input manager (USER.EXE) and the graphic display  interface manager (GDI.EXE) for keeping track of all of the windows that are open in a session and for drawing objects on the screen. Owing to their fundamental nature, the performance of these programs
has been improved by limiting their data to a single 64Kb segment of DOS memory (the Intel processors can access data from a 64Kb segment much faster than from a wider area). If either of these segments becomes full, programs may fail to load and Windows may become unstable - regardless of how much other
free memory there is.
Then again, when you close things down, Windows *should* free up the memory and system resources that programme was using. Often the programme doesn't release them (or Windows fails to release them) and your system resources just dwindle away. There are several pools of system resources. The OS limits their size (does not depend on how much hardware you throw at it).
So - its a matter of what is running in the background, what other items are taking up resources (e.g. how many fonts you have loaded), and what resources have been grabbed and not released when you closed down some programme (you may have to reboot to free those up).
If your system resources are low, throwing more hardware at it (in Win9x) doesn't help.
see here
Delete *.temp and and *.chk files and temporary internet files as often as you can.
Defrag your computer at least once in week to increase disk perfomance. Also run scandisk once in while.
Remove programs that you don4t need from "Add/remove program" in control panel to save disk space
Open start > run > type in msconfig > click ok , tab startup and uncheck findfast and other auto start programs that you usually don4t use, to increase system resourses
To increase system perfomance besides defrag and removing temorary files, I have found a FREE and very usefull program called "Cacheman". Try it: 
also try
MemTurbo from
Many posters in the Windows newsgroups are concerned about System Resources - some indeed do have a problem in this area but others (most) are only noticing normal behaviour. The posters report two issues.

The first is System Resources reduce after starting a program and don't restore after the program exits. This can indicate a faulty program is running but is also normal behaviour.

The second report is of low System Resources. If the resources are low then this indicates that lots of programs are running in the background. This is generally indicated by lots of icons next to the time on the taskbar. What is low depends on what programs have been running and what programs are running (because a previous running program may load resources that a program that will run later will use and reducing the observable use of resources but not the actual use).

I would suspect a 16 bit program if resources were really low, under 40%.

System Resoures is a term that applies to five specific areas of memory. The value that Windows reports for System Resources is the lowest of the five and the percentage is calculated for each by Free Memory Now/Free Memory After Windows Started * 100. The amount of installed memory has no bearing on System Resources, its equivlent (sort of) term is Memory Load. The five areas and their size are;

7      The 16-bit User heap (64K)

7      The 32-bit User window heap (2MB)

7      The 32-bit User menu heap (2MB)

7      The 16-bit GDI heap (64K)

7      The 32-bit GDI heap (2MB)

System Resources will not return to the levels that they were when Windows started, of even when a application starts then stops. Some resources are loaded only when requested to save time while starting Windows - in Windows 3.1 all fonts were loaded at startup while Windows 98 waits for a program to use the font before loading it and keeps the font loaded for other programs to use.

For more information on System Resources, what is stored in them, and troubleshooting see the Windows 98 Resource Kit (on the Win98 CD-Rom) and query the Microsoft Knowledge Base on these three article numbers - Q117744 Q146418 Q190217.

super info
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