How do they do it? Some companies make awesome software, what is it that gives them results?


For example, Mathematica is a mathematics program. how does the programmer know how solve his problems with displaying for example a value for n at the top of sigma or summation, then a 2 below summation then a i and a j in smaller print to right of it.

Ive seen the summation symbol in the maths font, and thats all it is, it doesnt contain the other numbers.

How do they do it?

Have they paid Microsoft thousands to help them?
What is it that these programmers know that I dont.

Please help
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rfedykConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Ben_iti,

I assume that you are talking about the typesetting methodolgy for handling subscripts and superscripts.  

If that is the case, then you have to handle all of that yourself. The TCanvas methods allow you to select different fonts for each text element and position them wherever you want to. There is no built in functionality to do what Mathematica does.

The whole area of typesetting is a specialist subject but you can learn the basics by experimenting with TCanvas.Font settings and TCanvas.TextOut.

I would guess they simply have special fonts for that.
Ben_itiAuthor Commented:
Hi rfedyk

I think you know what im talking about.
Yes I am referring to the subscripts and superscripts.
But I want to appear similar to mathematica or matlab.

In this order of precedence.

1. Click on summation button
2. Draw the summation symbol
3. Waiting for user to input number that will appear above summation then show users input number as well as summation.
4. Waiting for user to input number that will appear below summation then show users input number as well as
number at top and summation.
5. Then allow to do the little letters to the right.

Exactly like mathematica.

I'll try what you mentioned rfedyk.

So you saying that I can assign the summation symbol to the button and it should print it in the area I choose. Therefore this means that I can could possibly do the following:

1. Assign the maths symbol summation to a button.
2. The computer draws that symbol on screen.
3. This time move the cursor above the image of summation somehow.
4. Wait for user to input a number
5. Then when the user hits enter or return or tab, the computer will move it to its next position which is below the summation.
6. Then the user hit return or tab or enter.
7. After that the computer then moves the cursor next to the alphanumerical values and awaits for i or j.

Theres another question that comes to mind.
1. If I were to do that whole summation formula on a line, and I wanted to divide that whole summation by a dot product or a vector cross product, or anything, how would I get the computer to move the formula up so that it doesn't cross over the line.
Now im not talking about the fraction line, im talking about another line

   e.e sq2


like that.

not like this

    e.e sq2

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Ben_itiAuthor Commented:
A good start into the right direction.
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