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I am planning to build another computer with a 400 FSB and a Pentium IV 1.6 CPU.

My question is which if the following two boards do you recommend An ASUS or SUPERMICRO?

Also, it may be hard to believe, but the builder that originally made my first machine, has offered his shop to build the new one. The old motherboard, powersupply,memory and CPU will go into a full case. The owner is giving me the tower for my son. This way I can easily save 1,000 dollars.

I would assume also a 7,600 RPM HD is required.
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WakeupConnect With a Mentor Specialist 1Commented:
well I prefer Asus, because I have used their boards before and know their products well.  Used to work in a computer store myself.  you can go to they usually have some good technical discussions on motherboards and rate them well.

7600 RPM?  I think 7200 RPM is what you are talking about.  But no that is NOT required.  You can throw in older hdd's and new hdd's.  No problem.  However if you want performance.  10000 RPM drives or 7200 RPM drives will give it to you.  But would all depend on what you are using the computer for.  For you son?  If he plays games and stuff and is not on a time crunch and doesnt need to save 2 minutes on the day because he uses the computer alll day long, then no he doesnt need the higher RPM.  Not necessary.
Agree with Wakeup--the A's (AOpen, Asustek, and ABit) are the motherboards I choose whenever I have an option.
I have had problems with ABit.  I chose FIC when I rebuilt my computer last.
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Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
No experience with Supermicro boards as they are not that common in home-user PCs...however, they do make motherboards for server-targeted systems, which equates to quality and reliability.  Supermicro is somewhat like Tyan; both offering reliable, stable platforms, without alot of options available for tweaking settings, etc.  So you're not going to get quite as high of performance (not that you're really notice; the differences are in the order of a few milliseconds, or if you're gaming a few frames/second). Asus boards do seem to have weird problems.  Of course for every person that has trouble with an ASUS board, there are 3 that don't, but it can be potentially risky.  I have an old ASUS P2B and it worked fine; my current Abit KA7 is somewhat weird on me.

So I guess I'm saying that if you want stability/reliability that is almost certain, choose the Supermicro (though it may cost a bit more).  If you want maximum performance, go for the Asus.

I've done a lot of work with the Supermicro set of boards and I have been extremely please with their performance. As a matter of fact, I'm running a dual processor board at home right now with onboard scsi and it is very fast. I have dealt with the Asus also so the only comparison would be price, the Asus are normally a bit more expensive but I will vouch for the quality of the Supermicro's.

Dogztar, did you happen to upgrade your Asus P2B machine to XP yet? There is a little article at Microsoft about something you need to disable on the board to get XP to install. If you don't disable it, it continues to crash. Thought you might want to know.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Ya again I know nothing about Supermicro as far as boards go.  Tomshardware is a good place to look for information on motherboards.  And to see what it good for the times.
And your needs and your bang for your buck.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Nope, the P2B is taking a little nap in a static bag for the past 2 years or so now...I should build another machine around it sometime....the article is Q307145 just incase...I'll try to keep it in mind.  It will probably get the old P2-400 back though if I do get it out again, so no XP for that one.

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gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the coment on the ASUS board. I originally had a machine built with a dual CPU SuperMicro that died after 13 months on an extended warrantee and could not be repaired. The builder offered me a compromise since he too did not have much experience with the Super micro. He suggested an Asus P2B and installed a faster CPU on it. I have now had it for about 4 years without any problems. Now since I am running such CPU speed intensive programs as AutoDesk 2002 where refresh time is critical and Photoshop etc, the system I have now is slow.

As mentioned, all I need is additional cooling, a 300watt power supply with a 12 volt plug, a 1.6 mhz Pentium IV package, 256 megs of rimms, my existing hardware such as my slow but dependable burner. The builder with which we have had many arguments but remaided as "brothers" offered me his shop and guidance to build my PC thus saving on labor. I would expect the above hardware, less HD to cost about 600 dollars. Only other item I need is a back up HD.

Thanks to all for your comments.
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